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Born on the Tendara Colony.
Assimilated by the Borg while her parents where exploring the delta quadrant in the Raven, a civilian deep space exploratory ship.
Chosen to be the Borgs representative to the crew of the USS Voyager. Removed from the collective consciousness while undertaking this task.

Notes : In 2373 the crew of the USS Voyager forged an alliance with the Borg in order to combat Species 8472; as part of that alliance Captain Janeway agreed to work aboard a Borg vessel to develop a weapon to be used against 8472. Rather than assimilate the Captain, the Borg agreed to assign a single drone to work with her as their representative. The Borg chosen was seven of nine, tertiary adjunct to unamatrix zero one.

Despite their promises the Borg rapidly turned against Voyager and attempted to assimilate the ship. The crew where able to kill all the Borg aboard apart from seven of nine, who they separated from the collective consciousness. Voyagers EMH program subsequently removed most of seven of nines Borg implants.

Janeway discovered that seven of nine was in fact an assimilated Human being; she was later identified as Annika Hansen, the child of two Federation citizens who took their spacecraft into the delta quadrant many years ago in order to explore. Nothing was heard of the Hansens again, but seven revealed that their ship had been captured by the Borg and they had been assimilated along with their six year old daughter Annika. She lived the next eighteen years of her life as a Borg drone, participating in the assimilation of many species, until 'rescued' by Voyager.

Seven had become a fully integrated member of the collective, and had no desire to be returned to Humanity. As soon as she had the chance she attempted to alert the collective to Voyagers location, but was prevented from doing so by Kes. Seven has since begun to accept her humanity more, and is gradually integrating into Voyagers crew.

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