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Enters starfleet academy.
Graduates starfleet academy.
Assigned as operations officer of the USS Voyager.
Dies. Is replaced by a duplicate Harry Kim from an alternate universe.

Notes : Born in the same year as Wesley Crusher, Harry Kim was an only child. He joined Starfleet in 2366 and graduated after the normal four year course. One of his first postings was to the USS Voyager, where he was stranded in the Delta Quadrant along with the rest of the crew when the Caretaker pulled the ship across the galaxy.

Kims time on Voyager has been rather eventfull. In 2371 he was pulled through a subspace vacuole to another planet, where he initiated something of a religious crisis by causing the natives to question their ideas of death and the afterlife. Shortly afterwards he was briefly imprisoned in an energy lattice by a non-corporeal lifeform which Voyager accidentally picked up. In 2372 he found himself apparently returned to Earth, but it proved to be an illusion creaed by an alien species. In the same year he was part of the team which developed a drive system capable of propelling a shuttle at Warp 10.

In 2372 Kim was killed during a series of Vidiian attacks on Voyager. Another Voyager from an alternate universe was brought into our own reality during the incident, and when that ship was destroyed their Harry Kim joined Voyager as a replacement. The two universes were essentially identical up to the time of the crossover, and so Kim was essentially resurrected by the transfer.

One of the strangest things to happen to him came in 2373, when a group of aliens claimed that Kim was not in fact Human at all, but was one of their own offspring. Unfortunately for Kim, it transpired that the aliens wanted to use his body in order to propogate themselves, a process which would have proved fatal for him. At the end of that year Kim was infected by cells of an 8472 alien, which threatened to overwhelm his entire body until the EMH managed to modify some Borg nanoprobes to defeat the invasion.

All of this has led to Harry acquiring something of a reputation as one of lifes victims. However, lately he has begun to become more assertive in his thinking and seems to be maturing somewhat.

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