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Played tennis while in high school, the last time prior to 2373 that she would play the game.
Father, Admiral Janeway, dies by drowning.
Completes her first Starship command assignment. Tuvok criticizes Janeway in front of a panel of three Admirals.
Assumes command of the Starship Voyager. On a mission in the Badlands the ship is pulled into the Delta Quadrant.
Meets her hero, Emilia Earhart.
Attempts to form an alliance with the Trabe.
Presides over a hearing to determine the fate of Quinn, a Q who wishes to end his own life.
Kills Tuvix.
Is abandoned on Earth 2 along with Chakotay after contracting a fatal disease. Subsequently cured by Vidiian medical technology.
Voyager is briefly captured by the Kazon.
Trespasses on Swarm space to avoid a lengthy detour on their journey home.
Thrown back in time to 1996; prevents a temporal explosion which would otherwise have destroyed the Earth.
Helps to end the Q civil war.
Destroys a macro virus infestation on board Voyager.
Experiences her own apparent death repeatedly when attacked by a non corporeal alien.
Begins spending time in the Leonardo da Vinci holoprogram.
Encounters the Borg, Species 8472.
Defeats Species 8472 using Borg weapons and ends the war between the two powers.
Involuntarily undergoes medical testing by an alien species on board Voyager.
Voyagers EMH relays messages from the ship to Starfleet via an alien communications array. A message to Janeway informs her that her fiancé Mark Johnson has married a co-worker.
Undergoes a body swap experience at the hands of an alien being.
Destroys a number of Omega molecules.
Agrees to allow the Demon planet life form to make copies of Voyagers crew.
Goes through a bout of depression and isolates herself from the crew when Voyager begins crossing a large gulf in space.
Forges a peace treaty with Species 8472.
Voyager attempts to return to the Alpha Quadrant using a Quantum Slipstream drive system.
Sentences Lieutenant Paris to demotion ann thirty days in the Brig for his actions over the Moneyan Space Ocean.
Encounters the USS Equinox.
The USS Equinox is destroyed. Janeway takes several of the surviving crew members into her own crew.

Notes : In her early career, Janeway served as Science officer on the USS Al-Batani under Captain Paris. However, her greatest fame so far has come from her predicament as Captain of the USS Voyager. This ship was believed to have been lost in the Badlands on one of her first missions; however, in 2374 Voyagers Emergency Medical Hologram was transmitted through an alien communications array onto the USS Prometheus. The EMH reported that Voyager had in fact been transported to the Delta quadrant by an alien being known as "the Caretaker". The Caretaker had kidnapped both Voyager and a Maquis vessel to secure subjects for its attempts to procreate itself. Voyager subsequently became involves in hostilities with the Kazon, during which the Maquis ship and the Caretakers space station where destroyed.

Since this time, Voyager has been making her way home - a trip which was originally expected to take some seventy years. The ship has faced many difficulties on this journey, including attacks by the various Kazon sects, the Borg, and Species 8472. Captain Janeway granted the Maquis members the status of provisional Starfleet personnel and has successfully integrated the group into her own crew.

During her time in the Delta Quadrant, Janeway has established herself as a controversial leader. She has risked her ship and crew on points of principle many times, while on other occasions casting those principles aside. On one occasion she decided to trespass on the territory of The Swarm in order to avoid a detour of several months, leading to an attack on Voyager by the aliens.

Probably the most controversial of Janeways decisions came when Tuvok and Neelix were combined into a single individual, Tuvix, by a transporter accident. Although Tuvix was clearly a new individual with his own existence and a strongly expressed wish to live, Janeway decided to terminate his life in order to recover her officers, despite once claiming to the Vidiians that killing one to save another was reprehensible to her. A similar incident occurred when Janeway decided to disregard Lieutenant Torres's wish not to be treated by a medical holographic consultant based on a Cardassian doctor, ordering the procedure to carry on regardless.

Despite these failings Janeway commands great loyalty from her crew and has been remarkably successful in her attempts to return to the Alpha Quadrant, covering some 35,000 light years in just six years.

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