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Dax is born on the Trill homeworld.
2040 Lela is joined to the Dax symbiont. Lela Dax subsequently becomes a politician.
Lela dies, Tobin joined. Tobin subsequently becomes a mathematician and engineer.
Tobin dies, Emony joined. Emony subsequently becomes a professional gymnast.
Emony meets Lenoard McCoy and has a brief affair with him.
Emony dies, Audrid joined.
Audrid dies, Torias joined.
Torias dies in a shuttle accident. The Dax symbiot is joined with Joran, a musician. Joran is subsequently discovered to be unstable when he murders several people. Dax is removed from Joran and all memory of this joining is blanked. Dax is subsequently joined to Curzon.
Jadzia is born on Trill.
Curzon dies, Jadzia joined to the Dax symbiot.
Jadzia is assigned to Deep Space Nine.
Verad steals Dax, stays joined for only a few hours before the symbiot is removed and replaced in Jadzia.
Jadzia murdered by Gul Dukat.
Ezri joined to the Dax symbiot.
2375 Given the rank of Lieutenant and appointed a Councillor on Deep Space Nine.
Returns home for the first time in years to ask her family for help in locating Miles O'Brien.
Captures the Vulcan murderer responsible for two deaths on Deep Space Nine.
Violates orders in order to search for Worf when he is reported missing in action.
Becomes romantically involved with Julian Bashir.

Notes : Dax is one of the most famous and well respected of all Trill Symbionts. Over more than three centuries, Dax has accumulated nine lifetimes of memories and experience, and is now joined with its tenth host, Ezri.

Dax's first host was Lela, with whom it joined in the early twenty first century. Lela became one of the Trill homeworlds leading politicians, and remained joined to the symbiont for nearly a century. When Lela died in 2135 Dax was transplanted into Tobin; a brilliant engineer and mathematician, Tobin discovered one of the most original proofs of Fermat's last theorem known. He was an introverted and deeply shy individual who never had much success with relationships, but he also carried the Dax symbiont for nearly a century before his death in 2230.

Dax was them transferred to Emony, a professional gymnast. Emony met with Lenoard McCoy shortly before he entered Starfleet medical school, and the two had a brief affair. Emony died in 2245, passing the symbiont on to Audrid. Initially a scientist specializing in Trill physiology, Audrid eventually became an administrator and rose to the head of the Symbiosis Commission, one of the most renowned positions in Trill society. She died in 2284, Dax's last female host for over eighty years.

After Audrids death the Dax symbiot was joined with Torias, a test pilot. Something of a daredevil, Troias was only joined for a few months before he was killed in a shuttle accident. The Dax symbiot was subsequently placed into Joran, a musician. However, Joran proved to be mentally unstable and was responsible for several murders while joined. The fact that such an unstable mind was able to successfully join with a symbiot would have proved to the Trill population a fact that the symbiosis commission had secretly known for years; namely that more than half of all Trills are suitable for joining, rather than the tiny fraction generally claimed. Fearful that the relatively rare symbionts would become commodities to be bought and sold if this information leaked, the symbiosis commission placed a memory block in the mind of Dax, blanking out all knowledge of the Joran host, and joined it with Curzon.

Curzon was one of the most well known of the Dax hosts; a Federation negotiator, he was very fond of the Klingon lifestyle and immersed himself in their traditions and culture - even becoming Godson to a Klingon child. He was a notable figure in the Khitomer peace conference of 2293, and went on to play a crucial role in many of the various treaties and alliances between the Federation and the Klingon Empire.

Like many joined Trill, Curzon served as a mentor in the initiate program where he was assigned to Jadzia. Curzon was secretly in love with Jadzia, and fearing that she would discover this and reject him he forced her out of the programme altogether. Jadzia later reapplied and successfully completed the initiate programme, the first person to do so after being rejected. Regretting his actions, Curzon later requested that the Dax symbiot be passed on to Jadzia when he died, and this was done in 2367.

A Starfleet officer, Jadzia was assigned to Deep Space Nine as science officer in 2369. She served there for five years, participating in many of the important events in which the station was involved. In 2371 the memory block imposed on Dax by the symbiosis commission began to degrade, and the memories of Joran began to reassert themselves. Under the guise of treating hallucinations, Doctor Renhol of the symbiosis commission attempted to murder Jadzia in order to keep the secret but Captain Sisko was able to uncover the truth and threatened Renhol with exposure if Jadzia didn't survive. Jadzia subsequently decided to keep the fact that most Trills where eligible for joining a secret in order to preserve Trill society.

In 2373 Jadzia was murdered by Gul Dukat during his attempt to destroy the Bajoran Wormhole. The Dax symbiot was rushed back to Trill, but a medical emergency occurred during the voyage. Faced with the death of Dax if it failed to join with another host, the doctors talked an unprepared Trill, Ezri Teegan, into a joining she was unprepared for. The joining caused great confusion for Ezri, who was often unaware of her own age or gender, but she eventually settled down somewhat. Her family also found it difficult to accept the transition when Ezri returned home in 2375 to enlist their help in finding Chief O'Brien, who had vanished on their planet whilst investigating the Orion Syndicate.

Ezri retained some of Jadzias romantic feelings for Worf, but the two eventually decided to go their separate ways. She became involved with Doctor Bashir, and the two became a couple shortly before the end of the Dominion War. She remains on Deep Space Nine as a councillor.

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