The counter we have on the welcome page allows us to collect various statistics. The following is how things stand as of today :

Total visits so far : 201,220
Average visitors per day in June  :  613.5

November 98 was when we first began collecting statistics. The big peak in August 99 came when the site was reviewed on the sci-fi channel website. In March and the first part of April 00 we had something of a drop-off, and noticed that the counter had started taking much longer to load. Speculating that people were moving on from the Welcome page before their presence could be counted, we re-registered a new account with our counter people. The results were surprising, to put it mildly - in the first full month on the new counter our numbers almost doubled!

After two full months on the new counter, things seem to be levelling off at around 19,000 hits per month. If the site continues to gain visits at this rate, then by the end of the year we should reach over 315,000 visits.

Hundreds of thousands may not seem like a lot compared to many sites, but in fact counters can often be misleading. Many sites count "hits" rather than visits. A hit is a request for a file, and by counting hits you are counting every page which a visitor goes to, every graphic which is downloaded. We don't do this, we count only specific visitors - no matter how many files you look at while you're here, you count only as one visit for each time you go to the welcome page.

To illustrate the difference, when you came in to this site - assuming you came in to the welcome page rather than a specific bookmarked page of text or images - you downloaded the following :

The index page, plus the six frame pages within it
16 menu items at the top of the screen.
8 menu items at the bottom of the screen.
8 edging graphics which allow the buttons to have their 3-D clickable effect
4 graphics at the end of the menu rows.
The title graphic within the header
The counter.

If I counted hits alone, this would mean that every time a visitor came to the site s/he would score 47 hits just from arriving at the welcome page! That would have meant 787,062 hits from last month alone, even if each visitor simply arrived, looked at the welcome page, then left again without doing anything further.

Clicking on the Fed Ships button and looking at the stats for a single ship before leaving would have brought this total to 98 hits, bringing last months hits total to 1,641,108. Our total to date would be approximately 20 million to date, even with this modest level of useage. If every visitor we ever had visited every part of the site, our total hits to date would be 716,069,055!

Microsoft IE 5.x 57%
Netscape  4.x 26%
Microsoft IE 4.x 12%
Netscape comp. 1%
Others 4%

Windows 98 61%
Windows 95 20%
Windows NT 7%
Mac 4%
Unknown 2%
Windows 2000 1%
Others 5%

1280 x 1024 4%
1152 x 864 3%
1024 x 768 33%
800 x 600 49%
640 x 480 5%
Other 6%

16 million (32 bit) 31%
16 million (24 bit) 10%
65,536 (16 bit) 53%
256 (8 bit) 5%
Other 0%

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