The following is a list of all the lifeforms seen or mentioned in the Star Trek canon - canon being the films and live action series only. The list is current up to around the middle of Series 7 of DS9; additions and/or corrections are welcome. As with the planets list, for a speedy update you should include the name of the life form, the episode it comes from, and if possible a rough idea of where it is mentioned in the episode.

As with the planets list, this list is based on the Star Trek : Encyclopedia but contains some small changes. I have removed those names which are proper names of individuals - for example the empathic 'Gem' from the original series episode "The Empath" has been deleted, as has Data's cat 'Spot'. Also gone are alternate names for species mentioned elsewhere on the list - the Encyclopedia list has an entry for "Ugly Bags Of Mostly Water", the Microbrain name for Humans, but this is redundant since Humans are mentioned under their own name. Finally, Borg species numbers have been moved from their own entries into the description of the individual species where we have names for those (Talaxians, Vulcans, Kazon).

After these changes the list has four hundred and fifty seven species listed on it.
Name Description Series Episode
Acamarians Humanoids from Acamar III TNG "The Vengeance Factor"
Akritiri Delta quadrant society who jailed people on space stations VOY "The Chute"
Alcyones People who destroyed the second to last Tarellian plague vessel TNG "Haven"
Aldeans Humanoids who inhabit the planet Aldea, long thought mythical TNG "When the Bough Breaks"
Aldebarran Serpent Reptilian life form with three heads TNG "Hide and Q"
Algorian Mammoth Large creature DS9 "The Wire"
Allasomorph Shape shifting sentient lifeform TNG "The Dauphin"
Alvanian Cave Sloth Creature well known for sleeping very soundly DS9 "The Sword of Kahless"
Alvanian Spine Mite Small creatures which live in the spines of other beings DS9 "The Begotten"
Alverian Dung Beetle Insect DS9 "Apocalypse Rising"
Amoeba Single celled life form up to many thousands of miles long TOS "The Immunity Syndrome"
Amphibian Any creature which can live on both land and water TNG "Genesis"
Anaphasic life forms Energy creature which lived within a candle flame TNG "Sub Rosa"
Andorian Amoeba Single celled life form native to Andoria VOY "Tuvix"
Andorians Sentient humanoids with blue skin, white hair and two antennae TOS "Journey to Babel"
Angosians Sentient humanoids who created "perfect" soldiers TNG "The Hunted"
Antedeans Sentient piscine life forms TNG "Manhunt"
Anticans Lupine sentients native to Antica TNG "Lonely Among Us"
Apollo Being once worshipped as a god on Earth TOS "Who Mourns For Adonis"
Arachnid Creature which Barclay de-evolved into TNG "Genesis"
Arbazan Federation member species DS9 "Forsaken
Arbazon Vulture A predatory bird DS9 "The Search Part II"
Argellians Sentient humanoids, native to Argelius II TOS "Wolf In The Fold"
Argosian Sentient species; Sisko once almost got into a fight with one DS9 "Dax"
Argrathi Humanoid society who are native to Argratha DS9 "Hard Time"
Arkarian Water Fowl Creature noted for its unusual mating habits TNG "Starship Mine"
Armus Being created when a species learned to transfer their negative feelings into a physical form TNG "Skin of Evil"
Arritheans Delta Quadrant species who engaged in trade with Voyager VOY "Revulsion"
Australopithecine Early hominid which Riker de-evolved into TNG "Genesis"
Bacillus Spray Creature used to attack grapevine parasites TNG "All Good Things"
Bajoran Shrimp Animal native to Bajor DS9 "You Are Cordially invited"
Bajorans Sentient humanoids native to the planet Bajor TNG "Ensign Ro"
Ba'ku Humanoid species who have almost eternal youth thanks to their planets rings Star Trek : Insurrection
Balduk Warriors Species known for their ferocity TNG "New Ground"
Bandi Humanoid species who built the Farpoint Starbase TNG "Encounter At Farpoint"
Baneans Sentient Delta Quadrant civilisation VOY "Ex Post Facto"
Baneriam Hawk Predatory bird DS9 "If Wishes Were horses"
Bardakian Pronghorn Moose Animal famed for its exceptionally loud call TNG "Unification"
Barkonians Humanoid species approximately equal in technology to Earth in the Renaissance TNG "Thine Own Self"
Barolians Humanoids who traded with Romulans TNG "Unification"
Barrowbug Insect native to Bajor DS9 "Ties Of Blood And Water"
Barzans Humanoid sentients who discovered the Barzan wormhole TNG "The Price"
Bat Flying rodent native to Terra. Similar animals are found on other planets DS9 "The Reckoning"
Beauregard Plant cared for by Sulu on the USS Enterprise TOS "The Man Trap"
Belzoidian Flea Creature familiar to Q TNG "Deja Q"
Benthans Delta Quadrant society who were testing a coaxial warp core VOY "Vis a Vis"
Benzites Sentient humanoids who live in caves TNG "Coming of Age"
Berellians Sentient species known as being poor engineers TNG "Redemption Part II"
Berserker Cat Felinoid known for its great courage DS9 "Let He Who Is Without Sin"
Beta Runner Cloud Sentient gaseous being which lived in deep space but was able to posses a Humanoid body TNG "Lonely Among Us"
Beta XII-A Entity Life form which fed on fear TOS "Day of the Dove"
Betazoids Telepathic humanoids native to Betazed; Federation members TNG "Haven"
Bok-rat Klingon rodent DS9 "Soldiers Of The Empire"
Bolians Sentient humanoids with blue skin TNG "Allegiance"
B'omar Delta Quadrant species who are paranoid about allowing others into their territory VOY "The Raven"
Boraalans Primitive inhabitants of Boraal II TNG "Homeward"
Borg Powerful species composed of cybernetic humanoids with linked minds TNG "Q Who?"
Borgia Plant Poisonous plant native to planet M-113 TOS "The Man Trap"
Boslics Sentient humanoid civilisation DS9 "Sons of Mogh"
Botha Delta Quadrant society VOY "Persistence of Vision"
Breen Mysterious species who allied with the Dominion during the war with the Alliance TNG "Hero Worship"
Brekkians Humanoid civilisation native to the planet Brekka TNG "Symbiosis"
Bringloidi Oirish Humans who colonised the planet Bringloid V TNG "Up The Long Ladder"
Briori Humanoid species native to the Delta Quadrant VOY "The 37's"
Bunny Rabbit Earth animal sometimes imagined in the shape of nebula clouds TNG "Imaginary Friend"
Bynars Humanoid species who have become highly dependant on computers TNG "11001001"
Caatati Humanoid civilisation largely assimilated by the Borg VOY "Day of Honor"
Calamarain Energy being which had a grudge against Q TNG "Deja Q"
Caldonians Large Humanoid species which attempted to buy the Barzan Wormhole TNG "The Price"
Caldorian Eel Animal which was once discovered on a junked spacecraft TNG "Unification, Part I"
Camorites Humanoid species native to Camor V TNG "Bloodlines"
Capellans Fierce but primitive warrior race TOS "Friday's Child"
Cardassians One of the Alpha Quadrants major powers TNG "The Wounded"
Carnivorous Rastipod Large Bajoran creature known for its clumsiness DS9 "Progress"
Cat Terran animal noted for its independence TNG "Data's Day"
Cave-Rat Cave dwelling animal DS9 "The Sword of Kahless"
Ceti Eel Sluglike creature which burrows into a persons ear Star Trek II : The Wrath of Khan
Chalnoth Lupine sentients native to Chalna TNG "Allegiance"
Chameloid Shape changing beings once thought to be mythical Star Trek VI : The Undiscovered Country
Chrysallians Species who attempted to buy the Barzan Wormhole TNG "The Price"
Circassian Cat Geordi LaForge owned one of these TNG "Violations"
Coalescent Organism Life form which could absorb other entities and assume their identity TNG "Aquiel"
Colyus Sentient holograms on Yadera II DS9 "Shadowplay"
Companion Energy being which was in love with Zephram Cochrane TOS "Metamorphosis"
Conciousness Parasite Noncorporeal lifeform which attacks a victim just before death VOY "Coda"
Corvan Gilvos Stick like animal which is now endangered TNG "New Ground"
Cove Palm Plant which is poisonous TNG "Brothers"
Cravic Now extinct Delta Quadrant species VOY "Prototype"
Crystalline Entity Large spacedwelling lifeform which can destroy life on a planetary scale TNG "Datalore"
Crystilia Flowering plant found on Tele-Marius III TNG "In Theory"
Cyperon Cactus Plant found in the E-D arboretum TNG "Genesis"
Cypriprdium Earth plant VOY "Tatoo"
Cytherians Advanced species which lives near the center of the galaxy TNG "The N'th Degree"
Dachlyds Picard mediated a dispute involving this species TNG "Captain's Holiday"
Daliwakan Humanoid species VOY "The Cloud"
Dal'Rok Mysterious creature which periodically threatens a Bajoran village DS9 "The Storyteller"
Dalvin Hissing Beetle Small beetle which hisses TNG "Parallels"
D'Arsay Ancient civilisation TNG "Masks"
Debrune Ancient offshoot of the Romulans TNG "Gambit, Part I"
Degebian Mountain Goat Animal known for its ability to climb DS9 "The Sword of Kahless"
Deltans Humanoid species Star Trek : The Motion Picture
Demons Life form composed of a metallic liquid containing Deuterium VOY "Demon"
Denebian Slime Devil Unpleasant creature once compared to James Kirk TOS "The Troubble With Tribbles"
Denebians Species who dealt with Harcourt Fenton Mudd TOS "I, Mudd"
Denevan Neural Parasite Large single celled organisms which spread from planet to planet causing mass insanity TOS "Operation : Annhilate!"
Devidians Parasitic species which fed off Human neural energy TNG "Time's Arrow, Part I"
Dikironium Cloud Creature Gaseous life form which feeds on Human blood TOS "Obsession"
Diomedian Scarlet Moss Plant TNG "Clues"
Distortion ring Being Mysterious entity(s) which inhabit a twisted region of space VOY "Twisted"
Doosodarians Ancient civilisation TNG "Interface"
Doptarians Distant relatives of the Ferengi DS9 "The Foresaken"
Dosi Species native to the Gamma Quadrant DS9 "Rules of Acquisition"
Douwd An immortal being of tricks and disguises; a Douwd rendered the Husnock extinct TNG "The Survivors"
Drabidium Calimus Plant similar to a Terran violet TNG "Rascals"
Draco Lizards Flying terran Lizard TNG "New Ground"
Drathan Puppy Lig Animal sometimes kept as a pet DS9 "Crossover"
Drayans Species native to the Delta Quadrant VOY "Innocence"
Dream Species Delta Quadrant species whose consciousness existed only in sleep VOY "Waking Moments"
Drella Creature which sustains itself on the emotion of love TOS "Wolf in the Fold"
Dryworm Giant creature on Antos IV which can produce and use energy without harming itself TOS "Who Mourns For Adonis"
Edo A Humanoid species who have a primitive society on Rubicun III TNG "Justice"
Edo God A powerful being which cares for the Edo people TNG "Justice"
Eel-birds Creatures which feel an overwhelming urge to return to the place of their birth in order to reproduce TOS "Amok Time"
Ekosians Humanoid civilisation native to the planet Ekos TOS "Patterns of Force"
Elasians Warrior species from Elas TOS "Elaan of Troyus"
El-Aurians Civilisation of 'listeners' who were nearly wiped out by the Borg Star Trek : Generations
Elaysians Humanoid species whose planet has virtually no gravity DS9 "Melora"
Ellora Species conquered by the Son'a and used as a labour force Star Trek : Insurrection
Emergent life form Life form created by the Enterprise-D when it briefly attained sentience TNG "Emergence"
Enarans Species native to the Delta Quadrant VOY "Remember"
Ennis / Nol-Ennis Two groups confined to a prison moon to fight for all time DS9 "Battle Lines"
Entabans Delta Quadrant species which was highly reluctant to permit ships to enter their space VOY "Vis a Vis"
Entharans Delta Quadrant species which relied heavily on trade with alien cultures VOY "Retrospect"
Eryops Extinct animal species, the last common ancestor of warm and cold blooded life on Earth VOY "Distant Origin"
Etanian Order Species native to the Delta Quadrant VOY "Rise"
Evora Technologically advanced civilisation which was considered as a Federation protectorate shortly after achieving space flight Star Trek : Insurrection
Excalbian Intelligent rocks which conducted a study of good and evil TOS "The Savage Curtain"
Exocomp Artificial life forms TNG "The Quality of Life"
Eymorg / Morg The females and males of the same species who reside on Sigma Draconis VI TOS "Spock's Brain"
Fabrini Builders of the asteroid ship Yonada VOY "For The World Is Hollow And I Have Touched The Sky"
Farn Humanoid civilisation native to the Delta Quadrant. Some were assimilated by the Borg VOY "Unity"
Farpoint Station Form assumed by a large shapeshifting space based lifeform when it was injured TNG "Encounter At Farpoint"
Felaran Rose Plant found on a planet in the Delta Quadrant VOY "Paturition"
Ferengi Alpha Quadrant species who are largely motivated by avarice TNG "The Last Outpost"
Fire Ants Poisonous insect native to Terra VOY "The Chute"
Fire Beast of Sullus Creature from the myths of the Drayos VOY "Innocence"
Fire Snakes Reptile species VOY "Fair Trade"
Flitter Bird Avians native to Rhymus Major DS9 "Profit And Loss"
Folnar Jewel Plant Plant which produces a resin which sets to form a gemstone TNG "Dark Page"
Founders Shapeshifting liquid species native to the gamma Quadrant DS9 "The Search, Parts I & II"
Frunalian Alpha Quadrant species DS9 "Emissary"
Galipotans Civilisation known for keeping a different standard of time to most DS9 "The Wire"
Gallamite Species famed for having transparent skulls. Dax once dated a Gallamite DS9 "The Maquis, Part I"
Garanian Bolites Small creatures which cause intense itching and extreme skin colour changes when they bite DS9 "A Man Alone"
Garili Tree Plant found on the Vhnori homeworld VOY "Emanations"
Garlanic Tree Plant native to the Elaysian home planet DS9 "Melora"
Gatherers Nomadic people who split off from the Acamarians; they have now been reabsorbed TNG "The Vengeance factor"
Glob fly Insect known for being very small, completely harmless, and extremely irritating TNG "The Outrageous Okona"
Golanans Technologically advanced Alpha Quadrant civilisation who died out approximately 1,000 years ago DS9 "Prodigal Daughter"
Gomtuu One of a species of organic spacecraft which once numbered in the millions TNG "Tin Man"
Gorgan Noncorporeal lifeform which killed the adults of the Starnes Expedition TOS "And The Children Shall Lead"
Gorn Immensely strong reptilian species which once attacked a Federation outpost TOS "Arena"
Gorokian Midwife Toad Animal life form VOY "Death Wish"
Grazerite Humanoid species which evolved from herd animals DS9 "Homefront"
Gree Species native to the Delta Quadrant VOY "Elogium"
Grisella Species which hibernates for long periods TNG "The Ensigns of Command"
Gulgallian Rat Creature which scared Wesley Crusher TNG "Coming of Age"
Gunji Jackdaw Bird similar to a Terran Ostrich DS9 "If Wishes Were Horses"
Haakonians Humanoid species from the Delta Quadrant VOY "Jetrel"
Hadrosaur Terran cretaceous dinosaur, ancestor of the Voth VOY "Distant Origin"
Halkans Primitive Humanoid civilisation who have a philosophy of total peace TOS "Mirror, Mirror"
Hanonian Land Eel Large carnivore native to Hanon IV VOY "Basics, Part I"
Hara cat Life form native to the Bajoran system DS9 "Second Skin"
Hill People Primitive hunter-gatherers who warred with the Village People TOS "A Private Little War"
Hirogen Technologically advanced species dedicated to hunting VOY "Hunters"
Horta Rock creature which looks like a Pizza TOS "The Devil In The Dark"
Humans Powerful Alpha Quadrant species Star Trek
Humpback Whale Species of whale native to Earth; hunted to extinction in the past, now repopulated via time travel Star Trek IV : The Voyage Home
humuhumunukunukuapua'a Terran fish TNG "Rascals"
Hunters Species native to the Gamma Quadrant who hunt the Tosk DS9 "Captive Persuit"
Hupyrians Species known for their devotion to those who employ them DS9 "The Nagus"
Husnock A species of "hideous intelligence", rendered extinct by a Douwd TNG "The Survivors"
Iconians Ancient and highly advanced species now extinct TNG "Contagion"
Idanians Humanoid species DS9 "A Simple Investigation"
Iguana Terran reptile TNG "Genesis"
Ilidarians Delta Quadrant civilisation VOY "Cathexis"
Inheritors Name for a group of Humans visited by an alien civilisation some centuries ago VOY "Tattoo"
Interphasic Organisms Parasitical life forms which infested the Enterprise D TNG "Phantasms
Iothra Species which breathes hydrogen DS9 "Melora"
Iotians Humanoid species with an instinct for mimicry TOS "A Piece Of The Action"
Isis Life form of unknown origin, apparently a shapeshifter TOS "Assignment Earth"
Jarada Insectoid civilisation who are fanatical about etiquette TNG "The Big Goodbye"
Jem'Hadar Genetically engineered species created as soldiers for the Dominion DS9 "The Jem'Hadar"
J'naii Humanoid species who denied the concept of gender TNG "The Outcast"
Joranian Ostrich Life form known for dipping its head under water when threatened, often until it drowns DS9 "Past Prologue"
Junior Spaceborn lifeform which thought the Enterprise D was its mother TNG "Galaxy's Child"
Kalandans People who built an artificial planet, but were killed off by a disease TOS "That Which Survives"
Karemma Gamma Quadrant civilisation known as traders DS9 "Rules Of Acquisition"
Kavarian tiger-bat Animal from the planet Kavaria DS9 "For The Cause"
Kazon Humanoid Delta Quadrant civilisation; deemed unworthy of assimilation by the Borg. Borg designation Species 329 VOY "Caretaker"
Kellerun Civilisation at war with the T'Lani for centuries DS9 "Armageddon Game"
Kelvans Species from the Andromeda galaxy TOS "A Rose By Any Other Name"
Kerelian Species known for its highly sensitive hearing TNG "Lessons"
Kes People from the planet Kesprytt III who applied for Federation membership TNG "Attached"
Klabnian Eel Species which Q did not like TNG "QPid"
Klingons Major species native to the Alpha and Beta Quadrants TOS "Errand Of Mercy"
Koblian Species which was dying out and required Deuridium to prolong their lives DS9 "The Passenger"
Kohms Humanoid residents of Omega IV TOS "The Omega Glory"
Koinonians Noncorporeal lifeform which took Human form TNG "The Bonding"
Kolar Beast Klingon animal Star Trek : Insurrection
Kradin Delta Quadrant civilisation who were at war with the Vori in 2365 VOY "Nemesis"
Krallinian Eel Creature native to the Delta Quadrant VOY "Jetrel"
Krellans Civilisation whose food was popular with other planets, especially Farius Prime DS9 "Honor Among Thieves"
Krenim Delta Quadrant civilisation who used temporal weaponry in some timelines VOY "Year Of Hell. Parts I & II"
Kressari Reptilian species DS9 "The Circle"
Kryonian Tiger Creature found in the Brentalia Zoo TNG "Imaginary Friend"
Ktarians Species which attempted to subvert Starfleet via an addictive game TNG "The Game"
Kyrians Delta quadrant civilisation who went to war with the Vaskans while Voyager was passing by VOY "Living Witness"
Lapling Highly endangered species; the last surviving member was owned by Kivas Fajo TNG "The Most Toys"
Lavaflies Insect lifeform of large size, native to Talax VOY "Macrocosm"
LB10445 Single celled life form TNG "Time's Arrow, Part II"
Leaf Miners Parasites often found on grape vines TNG "All Good Things"
Legarans Species who live within a deep layer of mud TNG "Sarek"
Lemur Small primate which Picard began to de-evolve into TNG "Genesis"
Lenarians Species who are not fond of the Federation TNG "Tapestry"
Lethean Humanoid species who can attack others telepathically DS9 "The Sword Of Kahless"
Leyrons Species who use gestures for non-verbal communication TNG "Loud As A Whisper"
Ligonians Humanoid civilisation native to Ligon II, who prize honor greatly TNG "Code Of Honor"
Ligorian Mastodon Large but stealthy animal DS9 "Blaze Of Glory"
Lissepians Spacefaring civilisation DS9 "The Maquis, Parts I & II"
Loon Bird native to Earth DS9 "Blaze Of Glory"
L-S VI Life-form Entity discovered by Dr. Mora Pol DS9 "The Alternate"
Lurians Humanoid civilisation with two stomachs and multiple hearts. Morn is a Lurian DS9 "Who Mourns For Morn?"
Lyaarans Humanoid species who had a cultural exchange with the Federation TNG "Liaisons"
Lycosa Tarantula Spider; Miles O'Brien had a Lycosa Tarantula for a pet TNG "Realm Of Fear"
Lynars Batlike creature which lives on Celtris III TNG "Chain Of Command, Part I"
Lytasians Civilisation who once warred with the Ferengi DS9 "The Magnificent Ferengi"
M-113 Creature Creature which needed regular doses of salt to live and was able to project false images of itself TOS "The Man Trap"
Macrovirus Virus which grows up to a metre across and can defy gravity VOY "Macrocosm"
Makers Ancient civilisation which created advanced androids later controlled by Harry Mudd TOS "I, Mudd"
Malcorians Humanoid species which halted its development of warp drive after contact with the Federation TNG "First Contact"
Malon Species which pollutes the galaxy with radioactive waste VOY "Night"
Malurians Civilisation destroyed by Nomad TOS "The Changeling"
Manchovites Civilisation DS9 "Business As Usual"
Mari Telepathic civilisation in the Delta Quadrant who have largely eliminated crime VOY "Random Thoughts"
Marijne VII Beings Sentient beings which communicated by directly accessing one anothers thoughts TNG "Interface"
Markoffian Sea Lizard Life form familiar to Q TNG "Deja Q"
Mathenites Civilisation which offered asylum to Legate Ghemor DS9 "Second Skin"
Mawasi Delta Quadrant civilisation; in an alternate timeline the Mawasi allied with Voyager against the Krenim VOY "Year Of Hell. Part II"
Medusans Species so ugly that the mere sight of them will drive most beings insane TOS "Is There In Truth No Beauty"
Megaptera Novaeangliae Latin name for the Humpback Whale Star Trek IV : The Voyage Home
Melkotians Telepathic species who were strongly isolationist until they encountered Kirk TOS "Spectre Of The Gun"
Mellitus Creature which is solid when still and gaseous when moving TOS "Wolf In The Fold"
Memory Virus Organisms that ate peptides within the hosts brain VOY "Flashback"
Menthar Civilisation which fought the Promellians to their mutual annihilation TNG "Booby Trap"
Metron Highly advanced, long lived civilisation TOS "Arena"
Microbiotic Colony Subatomic life form which eats away at metals TNG "A Matter of Honor"
Microbrain Nonorganic life form native to Velara III TNG "Home Soil"
Microvirus Artificially created organism TNG "The Vengeance Factor"
Mikhal Travelers Delta Quadrant civilisation who are famous for their adventurous lifestyle VOY "Darkling"
Mikulaks Civilisation who donated tissue samples to study Correllium fever TNG "Hollow Persuits"
Minnobia Civilisation at war with the Vek DS9 "Business As Usual"
Mintakans Proto-Vulcan species who mistook Picard for a god TNG "Who Watches The Watchers?"
Miradorn Humanoid species composed of symbiotic twins, each sworn to avenge the others death DS9 "Vortex"
Mizarians Species who come from Mizar II TNG "Allegiance"
Mordian Butterfly Insectoid life form which resides on Mizar II DS9 "Profit And Loss"
Moriarty Sentient holodeck character TNG "Elementary, Dear Data"
Moropa Society hostile to the Bolians TNG "Allegiance"
Mugato White simian creature with a highly poisonous bite TOS "A Private Little War"
Muktok Plant Plant native to Betazed TNG "Menage A Troi"
Mylean Delta Quadrant civilisation similar to Talaxians VOY "Scientific Method"
Nagilum Noncorporeal lifeform which experimented on the Enterprise D crew to determine the nature of death TNG "Where Silence Has Lease"
Nanites Artificial life form created by Wesley Crusher TNG "Evolution"
Napean Humanoid species; partially empathic TNG "Eye Of The beholder"
Nasari Spacefaring species native to the Delta Quadrant VOY "Favourite Son"
Nassordin Delta Quadrant civilisation which traded with the B'omar VOY "The Raven"
Nasturtium Terran plant TNG "Imaginary Friend"
Nausicaans Large Humanoids noted for their aggressiveness and lack of subtlety TNG "Samaritan Snare"
Nechani Civilisation native to the Delta Quadrant VOY "Sacred Ground"
Nezu Civilisation native to the Delta Quadrant VOY "Rise"
Night Beings Delta Quadrant civilisation who lived within the Void and were well adapted to the conditions there VOY "Night"
Nihydorn Delta Quadrant civilisation; in an alternate timeline the Nihydron allied with Voyager against the Krenim VOY "Year Of Hell. Part II"
Nitrium Metal Parasites Spaceborne lifeform which eats metals and converts it into a viscous liquid TNG "Cost Of Living"
Norpin Falcon Bird from the planet Norpin known for its excellent reflexes DS9 "Sons And Daughters"
Nucleogenic Cloud Being Life form measuring over a billion kilometres in diameter VOY "The Cloud"
Numiri Civilisation native to the Delta Quadrant VOY "Ex Post facto"
Nyberrite Alliance Spacefaring civilisation DS9 "The Way Of The Warrior"
Nyrians Delta Quadrant civilisation who stole starships by replacing their crews one at a time VOY "Displaced"
Ocampa Civilisation native to the Delta Quadrant who have an average lifespan of nine years VOY "Caretaker"
Old Ones Civilisation which used to inhabit Exo III but are now extinct, leaving only their androids behind TOS "What Are Little Girls Made Of?"
Old Ones Leaders of a species which attempted to invade the Federation TOS "Catspaw"
Onaya Noncorporeal species which thrive on the energy of creativity DS9 "The Muse"
Ophidian Serpentine creature capable of opening rifts in time TNG Times Arrow, Parts I & II
Organians Noncorporeal species of great power who are horrified by violence TOS "Errand Of Mercy"
Orillian Lung Maggot Form of life native to the Orillian homeworld VOY "Fair trade"
Orion Wing-slug Animal life form TNG "Menage A Troi"
Orions Powerful species of Humanoids. Orion slave women were once sold as slaves TOS "The Cage"
Ornarans Species native to Ornara who were all addicted to Felicium TNG "Symbiosis"
Oysters Terran sea creature considered an aphrodisiac by some DS9 "His Way"
Pah-wraiths Noncorporeal beings apparently originating on Bajor; opponents of the Prophets DS9 "The Assignment"
Pakleds Humanoid civilisation not known for the intellect TNG "Samaritan Snare"
Paradas Humanoids from the Parada system DS9 "Whispers"
Parein Humanoid civilisation composed of former Borg drones VOY "Unity"
Paxans Highly isolationist species who refuse to allow any knowledge of themselves to be known by outsiders TNG "Clues"
Peljenite Species invited to join the Federation in 2371 DS9 "Family Business"
Petarian Spacefaring civilisation DS9 "Family Business"
Photonic being Noncorporeal being found to reside in a protostar VOY "Heroes And Demons"
Platonians Humanoids that once lived on Earth, now possessed of great telekinetic powers TOS "Plato's Stepchildren"
Portal Last living subject of the T'Kon Empire TNG "The Last Outpost"
Preservers Ancient civilisation who transplanted members of primitive peoples to distant planets TOS "The Paradise Syndrome"
Progenitors Ancient civilisation who seeded genetic codes on many worlds TNG "The Chase"
Promellians Civilisation which fought the Menthar to their mutual annihilation TNG "Booby Trap"
Providers Disembodied brains who organised gladiatorial contests on Triskelion TOS "The Gamesters Of Triskelion"
Proxcinians Civilisation at war as of 2373 DS9 "Business As Usual"
Prytt Humanoids native to the planet Kesprytt II TNG "Attached"
Psi 2000 Virus Water-based virus which behaves in the body like alcohol TOS "The Naked Time"
Pygmy Marmoset Small Earth primate that Data thought Picard might de-evolve into TNG "Genesis"
Pygorians Interstellar traders DS9 "The Maquis, Part I"
Q Proper and species name for any of a group of nearly omnipotent transdimensional beings TNG "Encounter At Farpoint"
Quantum Singularity Life Form Sentient species which incubates its young in a black hole TNG "Timescape"
Quasi-energy Microbes Life forms found within a plasma streamer TNG "Realm Of Fear"
Rafalian Mouse Small rodent which Odo enjoyed mimicking DS9 "Crossfire"
Rakhari Natives of the planet Rakhar DS9 "Vortex"
Rakonian Swamp Rat Unpleasant animal. Kira thought Quark had some similarities to this creature DS9 "Hippocratic Oath"
Ramurans Species who went to extreme lengths to prevent contact with outsiders VOY "Unforgettable"
Rectillian Vulture Avian life form native to the Delta Quadrant VOY "Phage"
Rectyne Monopod Creature which can weigh up to two tons TNG "The Icarus Factor"
Redjac Noncorporeal being who feeds on negative emotions, which it provokes by savage murder TOS "Wolf In The Fold"
Reegrunion Humanoid species DS9 "Sanctuary"
Reeta-hawk Avian life form from the planet Argratha DS9 "Hard Time"
Regalian Fleaspider Arachnid which can be used to create medicine to improve circulation DS9 "The Ship"
Regulan Blood Worm Soft shapeless creature which some Klingons think similar in appearance to Kirk TOS "The Trouble With Tribbles"
Reptohumanoid Hatchling Infant creature found on a Delta Quadrant planet VOY "Parturition"
Rigelians Species similar to Vulcans TOS "Journey To Babel"
Romulans Major species with a long history of hostility toward the Federation and Klingons TOS "Balance Of Terror"
Rukani Delta Quadrant civilisation who featured in a holodeck training program created by Tuvok VOY "Wost Case Scenario"
Rutians Humanoids from the planet Rutia IV TNG "The High Ground"
Sakari Humanoid species native to the Delta Quadrant VOY "Blood Fever"
Saltah'na Gamma Quadrant species; they produced telepathic objects which could affect the minds of others DS9 "Dramatis Personae"
Samarian Coral Fish Aquatic lifeform which are sometimes perceived in nebula clouds TNG "Imaginary Friend"
Sand Bats Creatures which appear to be inanimate rock crystals, until they attack TOS "The Empath"
Sark, Klingon Riding animal TNG "Pen Pals"
Satarrans Humanoids who have considerable abilities to manipulate minds, but poor weapons technology TNG "Conundrum"
Scalosians Humanoid civilisation who live at a hyperaccelerated rate TOS "Wink Of An Eye"
Scathos Species who kill any woman under forty who conceives a child VOY "Elogium"
Sehlat Vulcan animal resembling a Teddy Bear, but with six inch fangs TOS "Journey To Babel"
Selay Reptilian species native to the Beta Renna system TNG "Lonely Among Us"
Seltan Carnosaur Reptilian lifeform approximately 300 metres tall DS9 "One Little Ship"
Sheliak Mysterious and powerful species who signed a complex treaty with the Federation TNG "The Ensigns Of Command"
Sikarians Species which are able to transport instantly up to 40,000 light years from their homeworld VOY "Prime Factors"
Sinoraptor Life form DS9 "The Darkness And The Light"
Skrreea Civilisation from the Gamma Quadrant DS9 "Sanctuary"
Solanagen-based entites Life forms which reside in a deep subspace domain TNG "Schisms"
Son'a Spacefaring civilisation; an offshoot of the Ba'ku Star Trek : Insurrection
Soong-type Android Form of Android based around a positronic network TNG "Datalore"
Spawn Beetle Insect VOY "Elogium"
Species 116 Species which resisted assimilation by the Borg for thousands of years before finally succumbing VOY "Hope And Fear"
Species 149 Species assimilated by the Borg; the assimilation gave the Borg advanced medical technology VOY "Mortal Coil"
Species 259 Borg designation for a species which resided in Galactic cluster 3 VOY "The Gift"
Species 262 A primitive species assimilated by the Borg around 2145; the Borg gained some knowledge of the Omega molecule from this species VOY "The Omega Directive"
Species 263 Species assimilated by the Borg; the species believed the Omega molecule was a drop of their creators blood VOY "The Omega Directive"
Species 5174 Borg designation for a Delta Quadrant civilisation VOY "Hunters"
Species 8472 Immensely powerful species from Fluidic space who are virtually immune to conventional technologies VOY "Scorpion"
Spores, Omicron Ceti III Symbiotic organism which protect their host from Berthold rays TOS "This Side Of Paradise"
Squid Terran water dweller DS9 "Blaze Of Glory"
Squill Plant from the planet Balancar DS9 "The Magnificent Ferengi"
Swarm Delta Quadrant civilisation who are highly protective of their territory VOY "The Swarm"
Tagrans Natives of Tagra IV TNG "True Q"
Tak Tak Humanoid Delta Quadrant species obsessed by etiquette VOY "Macrocosm"
Takarans Humanoids who have a disseminated physiology TNG "Suspicians"
Takarians Bronze age civilisation VOY "False Profits"
Talarian Hook Spider Arachnid with legs half a metre long TNG "Realm Of Fear"
Talarians Warrior species with a long history of attacking the Federation TNG "Heart Of Glory"
Talavians Civilisation DS9 "Things Past"
Talaxians Delta Quadrant civilisation; Borg designation Species 218 VOY "Caretaker"
Talosians Humanoids with powerful telepathic abilities TOS "The Cage"
Tamarians Humanoid species which communicates entirely by metaphor TNG "Darmok"
Tanugans Species native to Tanuga IV TNG "A Matter Of Perspective"
Tarchee Cat Species indigenous to Nechani homeworld VOY "Sacred Ground"
Tarellians Species all but wiped out by biological weapons TNG "Haven"
Taresians Delta Quadrant civilisation VOY "Favourite Son"
Targ Klingon animal sometimes kept as a pet TNG "Where No One has Gone Before"
Targhee Moonbeast Life form noted for its loud call TNG "The Perfect Mate"
Tarkalean Condor Large bird DS9 "Nor The Battle To The Strong"
Tarkalean Hawk Predatory bird DS9 "The Begotten"
Tarkannans Civilisation VOY "Innocence"
Tarkassian Razorbeast Animal. Guinan had a Tarkassian Razorbeast as an imaginary friend TNG "Imaginary Friend"
Tavnians Humanoids who believe the genders should be separate DS9 "The Muse"
Tellarites Humanoids who somewhat resemble Terran pigs TOS "Journey To Babel"
Terellians Four limbed species TNG "Liaisons"
Terrellians Civilisations DS9 "Life Support"
Thasians Noncorporeal life form native to Thasus TOS "Charlie X"
Tholians Sentient creatures who are less than friendly to outsiders TOS "The Tholian Web"
Tiberian Bats Avian life form known for staying together Star Trek VI : The Undiscovered Country
Tiger Large Terran feline TOS "Shore Leave"
Tika Cat Small animal not known for its bravery VOY "Faces"
T'Lani Humanoid civilisation, at war with the Kellerun until recently DS9 "Armageddon Game"
Torga Animal native to the planet Gaia DS9 "Children Of Time"
Tosk Species bred to act as prey for the Hunters DS9 "Captive Pursuit"
Traveler Native of Tau Alpha C who manipulates time and space with his thoughts TNG "Where No One has Gone Before"
Trayken Beast Large and powerful alien life form VOY "Hunters"
Trelane Member of a powerful species similar to the Q TOS "The Squire Of Gothos"
Trellan Crocodile Large animal known for its strength and destructiveness DS9 "Crossfire"
Trianic Energy Beings Trianic energy beings who lived in a dark matter nebula VOY "Cathexis"
Tribble Small furry creatures famed for their prodigious reproduction TOS "The Trouble With Tribbles"
Trill Species composed of a Humanoid Host and a Symbiont TNG "The Host"
Trill Host Humanoid civilisation who are capable of carrying Trill Symbionts TNG "The Host"
Trill Symbiont Small sluglike creature which is capable of joining its personality with a Humanoid host DS9 "Equilibrium"
Troglytes One of the groups living on Ardana TOS "The Cloud Minders"
T-Rogorans Gamma Quadrant species DS9 "Sanctuary"
Troi, Ian Andrew Life form which impregnated Troi in order to live as a Human TNG "The Child"
Troyians Humanoids native to Troyius TOS "Elaan Of Troyius"
Tsetse Fly Insect TNG "Ship In A Bottle"
T'stayan Talarian riding animal TNG "Suddenly Human"
Tube Grubs Ferengi animal DS9 "The Jem'Hadar"
Two-Dimensional Creatures Species encountered by the Enterprise-D TNG "The Loss"
Two-Headed Malgorian Life form famed for its indecision DS9 "Progress"
Tzenkethi Alpha Quadrant Species DS9 "The Adversary"
Ullians Telepathic Humanoid species TNG "Violations"
Vakol Fish Delta Quadrant life form VOY "State Of Flux"
Valerians Species which sold Dolamide to the Cardassians DS9 "Dramatis Personae"
Valtese Species native to the Vault Minor system TNG "The Perfect Mate"
Vaskans Delta Quadrant civilisation who were attacked by the Kyrians while Voyager was passing by VOY "Living Witness"
Vek Civilisation DS9 "Business As Usual"
Verillians Species which bought weapons off Quark DS9 "Business As Usual"
V'Ger Powerful machine lifeform based on the NASA probe Voyager 6 Star Trek : The Motion picture
Vians Mysterious species which tested others to determine their worth TOS "The Empath"
Vicarian Razorback Animal noted for its viciousness DS9 "The Die Is Cast"
Vidiians Species inflicted with the Phage VOY "Phage"
Vok'sha Civilisation from Rakella Prime VOY "Heroes And Demons"
Vorgons Humanoid species; two Vorgon criminals attempted to steal the Tox'Utat TNG "Captain's Holiday"
Vori Delta Quadrant civilisation who kidnapped offworlders and brainwashed them into fighting in their war with the Kradin VOY "Nemesis"
Vorian Pterodactyl Large flying animal DS9 "The Ascent"
Vorta Species enhanced by the Dominion to become political representatives DS9 "The Search, Parts I & II"
Voth Humanoid ife form descended from Terran dinosaurs VOY "Distant Origin"
Vulcans Major Alpha Quadrant power. Borg designation Species 3259 TOS "Amok Time"
Wadi Gamma Quadrant species fond of games of chance and skill DS9 "Move Along Home"
Wanoni Tracehound Predator noted for its persistence DS9 "The Forsaken"
Wentlian Condor Snake Life form known as a delicacy DS9 "Business As Usual"
White Rhinos Terran animal TNG "New Ground"
Wise ones Another name for the Preservers TOS "The Paradise Syndrome"
Wogneer Creatures Species saved by Picard TNG "Allegiance"
Wompat Rodent native to Cardassia TNG "Chain Of Command, Part II"
Xenon based life form Life form whose chemistry is based on the element xenon VOY "Hope And Fear"
Xepolites Humanoids DS9 "The Maquis, Part I"
Yaderans Species of sentient holograms DS9 "Shadowplay"
Yak Bear Large animal native to the planet Gaia DS9 "Children Of Time"
Yallitians Species native to the Delta Quadrant VOY "Phage"
Yalosians Sentient life forms DS9 "Improbable Cause"
Yangs Humanoids native to Omega IV; enemies of the Khoms TOS "The Omega Glory"
Yattho Beta Quadrant civilisation VOY "Before And After"
Yridian Yak Grazing animal known for its size DS9 "Accession"
Yridians Humanoid civilisation known as information dealers TNG "Birthright, Parts I & II"
Zahl Delta Quadrant civilisation eradicated by the Krenim in an alternate timeline VOY "Year Of Hell, Part I"
Zakdorn Humanoid species known as great strategic minds TNG "Peak Performance"
Zaldans Humanoids who have webbed fingers and an intense dislike of courtesy TNG "Coming Of Age"
Zalkonians Humanoid species which have begun to evolve into a noncorporeal state TNG "Transfigurations"
Zan Periculi Species native to the Ferengi planet Lappa IV TNG "Megage A Troi"
Zetarians Life energy composed of the inhabitants of Zetar TOS "The Lights Of Zetar"
Zevians Civilisation who requested some information on a smuggling ring from DS9 DS9 "His Way"
Zibalians Humanoid civilisation noted for facial tattooing TNG "The Most Toys"
Zylo Eggs Life form which Data attempted to paint to test his creativity TNG "11001001"

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