In generating the pages found herein I generally used information from canon sources wherever I could - so for example most of the information concerning the capabilities of the Galaxy class are drawn from various episodes depicting that ship. However, going on canon information only would have made this an extremely small site so I have thrown in many guesses of my own. Since I know a lot of people can take the information found on web sites as canon itself, I've colour coded the pages detailing the starships specifications as follows :

Yellow text : Anything written in yellow is canon information taken from a movie or episode. This stuff is as close to gospel as I could make it.

Green Text : Anything in green is taken from statements made by the creators or actors in interviews or on the net. A good example is Defiants length - although some episodes indicate that Defiant is less than 100 metres long, Rick Sternbach has stated that the true figure is 170 metres.

White Text : Anything in white is my own invention. Sometimes this is just extrapolation - I guesstimated that the Nebula class has eight phaser arrays compared to the Galaxy classes twelve, for example, because the Nebula class is slightly smaller so probably slightly less powerful. But here and there I have gone into invention meltdown, inventing entire histories for ships about which we know little. Now and again I have even made up new backgrounds to known events just to make them sound a bit more dramatic. So be warned, if it's in white you can take it or leave it!

Sometimes you will find mixed colours within a single sentence - for example you might find a ship listed as having '5 Type XII Phaser arrays'. In such cases, each part is coloured according to how detailed our knowledge is. In this case, that the ship has phaser arrays is known, that they are type twelve comes from behind the scenes information, and that there are five of them is a guess. I've tried to write such sentences so that they could be more or less read through if you just skipped all the speculation.

On this site you will find a large number of menus and buttons to navigate you around. These are colour coded according to the following scheme :

Orange buttons : Clickable links to take you to a page which is written from the point of view of the 24th Century.

Blue buttons : Clickable links to take you to a page which is written from the point of view of the 20th Century.

Purple buttons : Non-clickable, either because you are already on that page or used as a header in a menu list.

Well, that's about all you need to know to find your way around this site. I hope you enjoy what you find, and I hope you'll keep on coming back and tell your friends about me.

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