This list is, unfortunately, the most incomplete and speculative of them all so far. Once again the Encyclopedia has been the primary source; however as that book notes we are frequently not given the names of holoprograms so many if not most of its names are descriptive. I've altered some of the Encyclopedias names to make them shorter or better sounding (to me). In addition, the Encyclopedia sometimes gave descriptive names and then quoted a real name in the description. In such cases I've used the real name instead of the Encyclopedias.

The Encyclopedia also states that its list is "partial", so there are likely to be many missing entries. I expect to be adding more entries myself over time, but this list is probably your best chance to get a mention for having one of your updates included. As usual I need the program name if one is given, plus a brief description of it (which I may well change), the episode it's from and if possible an idea of where it is mentioned.
Name Description Series Episode
A Christmas Carol Dramatisation of the Dickens book used on the Enterprise-D TNG "Devils Due"
A Christmas Carol Dramatisation of the Dickens book used on Voyager VOY "The Omega Directive"
Aikido 1 One-on-one martial arts training program TNG "Code of Honor"
Altonian Brain Teaser Game in which one must turn a large sphere to a single colour DS9 "A Man Alone"
Alture VII Relaxation Program Bathes you in a protein bath and carries you away on a cloud of chromal vapour TNG "Birthright, Part I"
Ancient West Recreation of an old west drama TNG "A Fistful Of Datas"
Ba'ku Village Recreation of the Ba'ku village intended to allow the transplanting of the Ba'ku people Star Trek : Insurrection
Barclay Programs A series of programs in which Barclay played various heroic scenes opposite his shipmates TNG "Hollow Persuits"
Baseball Greats A program which offers the user the chance to play famous baseball players DS9 "If Wishes Were Horses"
Baseball Stadium A stadium in which teams can play; spectators optional DS9 "Take Me Out To The Holosuite"
Bat'leth Combat Workout Klingon program featuring the famed sword VOY "Displaced"
Battle Of Britain Offers the user the chance to participate in air combat during Earth's World War II DS9 "Homefront"
Battle Of The Alamo Recreation of the famous Earth battle of 1836 DS9 "Afterimage"
Beowulf Program based on an ancient Earth poem VOY "Heroes And Demons"
Black Sea At Night Romantic program based around an Earth sea TNG "All Good Things…"
Boraal II / Vacca VI Transformation Program in which one planetscape slowly morphs into another TNG "Homeward"
Boreth A recreation of a Klingon monastery TNG "Rightful Heir"
Brainwash Test Program Romulan program designed to test a brainwashed subjects willingness to kill a friend for them TNG "The Mind's Eye"
Bridge Officer Exam A test taken by Starfleet officers TNG "Thine Own Self"
Cafe Des Artistes A Parisian cafe  TNG "We'll Always Have Paris"
Cardassian Sauna Recreation of a Cardassian sauna DS9 "For The Cause"
Celtris III Training program for a commando mission on the Cardassian planet TNG "Chain Of Command"
Champs Elysees Recreation of a famous section of Paris TNG "The Perfect Mate"
Charnock's Comedy Cabaret 20th century comedy establishment TNG "The Outrageous Okona"
Cliffs Of Heaven (Program 47 C) Cliff diving on Sumiko III TNG "Conundrum"
Crusades Religious warfare on ancient Earth VOY "The Killing Game, Part I"
Curtis Creek Fishing program TNG "Future Imperfect"
Danara Pel Holographic body created for a Vidiian woman VOY "Lifesigns"
Dancing Lesson Recreation of a typical dancing studio TNG "Data's Day"
Day Of Honor Traditional Klingon ritual in the caves of Kahless VOY "Day Of Honor"
Defence Simulations Training routine used by Starship crewmembers VOY "Initiations"
Denubian Alps Mountain skiing program TNG "Angel One"
Desert Sunset Desert on a class M planet TNG "Haven"
Dixon Hill 1930's detective stories TNG "The Big Goodbye"
Doctors Family Program Beta-Rho Recreation of an idealised Human family; later modified by Torres to become more 'realistic' VOY "Real Life"
Don Carlo Italian opera VOY "Night"
Einstein Interactive Simulation of the famous physicist TNG "N'th Degree"
Emerald Wading Pools Recreation of the pools on Cirrus IV TNG "Conundrum"
Emergent Lifeform Holodeck Sequence Amalgamation of various programs created by the Enterprise D computer TNG "Emergence"
EMH Program 4 C Voyagers EMH personality improvement program VOY "Darkling"
Enterprise Bridge Historical recreation of the Enterprise bridge circa 2265 TNG "Relics"
Equestrian Adventure Program which allows horse riding TNG "Pen Pals"
French Resistence Program based on the activities of the freedom fighters during World War II VOY "The Killing Game, Part I & II"
Golf Eighteen hole golf course VOY "Vis a Vis"
Gondolas In Venice Paddle through the Earth city VOY "Prime Factors"
Henry V Dramatisation of the famous Shakespeare play TNG "The Defector"
Holodeck File 9140 Recreation of the Utopia fleet yards TNG "Booby Trap"
Hoobishan Baths Famous baths on Trill DS9 "The Way Of The Warrior"
Hoverball Sport based around a floating ball VOY "Unity"
Insurrection Alpha Training program designed to explore the possibilities of a Maquis rebellion VOY "Worst Case Scenario"
Ion Surfing Exciting sports program DS9 "The Visitor"
Janeway Lambda-1 Program based on a romantic novel VOY "Cathexis"
Jupiter Station Diagnostics Test and repair program for EMH's VOY "The Swarm"
Kabul River Horseback riding on Earth's Himalayan mountains TNG "The Loss"
Kahless and Lukara Recreation of the greatest love story in Klingon history DS9 "Looking for par'Mach In All The Wrong Places"
Kal'Hyah Ritual Klingon program designed to prepare a man for his wedding DS9 "You Are Cordially Invited"
Kayaking River sports TNG "Transfigurations"
King Arthurs Court Recreation of a legendary Earth kings court DS9 "The Way Of The Warrior"
Kira Simulation Simulation of Kira created by Quark for dubious purposes - but modified by Kira to have Quarks head DS9 "Meridian"
Klingon Age Of Ascension Ritual based around a warriors coming of age TNG "The Icarus Factor"
Klingon Battle Vicious combat with the House Mo'Kai VOY "The Killing Game, Part I"
Klingon Calistenics Program Combat exercise program in which one battles against alien adversaries TNG "Where Silence Has Lease"
K'Mtar Alpha-One Recreation of Klingon outpost on Maranga IV TNG "Firstborn"
Krios 1 Recreation of a Kriosian hall TNG "The Perfect Mate"
Ktarian Moonrise A romantic setting VOY "Revulsion"
Lake Cataria A romantic Betazoid lake TNG "All Good Things…"
Lake Como Restful sailboat trip in Northern Italy VOY "The Swarm"
Lake George A Moonlight sail on a New York lake on Earth VOY "Coda"
Lal Bodychoice Program which was designed to allow Lal to view various possibly body configurations TNG "The Offspring"
Lauriento Massage Program #101A A beautiful woman gives a massage DS9 "A Man Alone"
Mars In a 1957 Chevy An evening on the hills overlooking utopia planitia VOY "Lifesigns"
Medical Consultant Medical program based on a Cardassian doctor; now deleted VOY "Nothing Human"
Message To Wesley A holographic recording of a message made by Jack Crusher shortly after his sons birth TNG "Family"
Moliere Plays Comedic works of a French writer VOY "Parturition"
Moonlight On The Beach Program intended to create a romantic mood TNG "Booby Trap"
Neelix 1 Medical program which provides working holographic lungs VOY "Phage"
Novice Tennis Tournament Program based around the Earth game VOY "Future's End, Part I"
Ocean View Outdoor vista intended to help fight the effects of claustrophobia DS9 "Afterimage"
Ohniaka III The aftermath of the Borg attack on Ohniaka TNG "Descent, Part I"
Orbital Skydiving Recreation of the dangerous sport VOY "Extreme Risk"
Orient Express Program which allows the famed Earth train to travel anywhere TNG "Emergence"
Orion Animal Women Tiring program involving three Orion slave girls DS9 "The Begotten"
Parallax Colony Colony of free thinking individuals TNG "Cost Of Living"
Paris 1928 A romantic city on Earth DS9 "The Sound Of Her Voice"
Paris 3 Recreation of Sandrine's, a French bar / bistro VOY "The Cloud"
Parkland An open grassy field, setting for Tasha Yars memorial TNG "Skin Of Evil"
Paxau Resort Vacation spot on Talax VOY "Warlord"
Pleasure Mazes Life sized laberynth with sexual encounter in the center DS9 "Rapture"
Pon Farr Therapy Medical program intended to help Vulcans survive their mating cycle VOY "Blood Fever"
Program Janeway 7 Da Vinci's workshop VOY "Scorpion, Part I"
Program Paris Alpha-1 20th century garage with a 1969 Chevrolet Camaro VOY "Vis a Vis"
Puccini's La Boheme Duet from the famous opera VOY "The Swarm"
Rock Climbing Program which allows you to climb rocks TNG "Bloodlines"
Romulus The Chula valley on Romulus TNG "The Defector"
Rousseau V Asteroid belt TNG "The Dauphin"
Sailing ship Enterprise Recreation of one of the early incarnations of the famous vessel Star Trek : Generations
Scientist Poker Play the Earth card game with some of histories great scientists TNG "Descent, Part I"
Secret Agent Program which allows one to play the part of a British secret agent DS9 "Our Man Bashir"
Section 31 Vetting Program A program designed to test a Starfleet officers loyalty DS9 "Inquisition"
Sherlock Holmes Recreation of some of the stories of Conan Doyle TNG "Elementary, Dear Data"
Sigmund Freud Session with the legendary psychoanalyst TNG "Phantasms"
Socialisation Simulation of the Voyager crew to assist Seven of Nine in learning to interact with others VOY "One"
Solanagen Laboratory Recreation of the laboratory of the Solanagen based lifeforms based on the partial memories of their victims TNG "Schisms"
Son'a Bridge Program designed to fool the Son'a into thinking that their collector had worked Star Trek : Insurrection
Sports Program Theta-2 Sports program featuring the 2216 olympic gold winning volleyball tem VOY "Warlord"
Stano Riga Comedy program based on the 23rd century quantum physicists humour TNG "The Outrageous Okona"
Starship Control Interface Equipment created by Lieutenant Barclay which allowed him to control a Starship with his mind TNG "N'th Degree"
Tactical simulation Simulation of the Voyager bridge used in field training VOY "Learning Curve"
Tarchannen III Recreation of a site visited by the USS Victory TNG "Identity Crisis"
Target shooting Two player game in which one fires phasers at glowing balls TNG "A Matter Of Honor"
Tauga Station Recreation of a scientific research station used in an extradition hearing on the Enterprise D TNG "A Matter Of Perspective"
The Adventures Of Captain Proton Program based on a mid 20th century science fiction series VOY "Night"
The Adventures Of Flotter Children's program designed to teach ecological relationships VOY "Once Upon A Time"
The Battle of Clontarf Recreation of a battle between Irish warriors and Vikings DS9 "Bar Association"
The Battle of Tong Vey Recreation of a classic Klingon battle DS9 "Rules Of Engagement"
The Low Note New Orleans club complete with Jazz band, 1958 TNG "11001001"
The Pleasure Goddess Of Rixx Nogs favourite holoprogram DS9 "Little Green Men"
The Queens Gambit Secret agent adventure DS9 "A Simple Investigation"
The Tempest Program based on the Shakespeare play TNG "Emergence"
The Three Musketeers One of the Barclay programs featuring Barclay as a master swordsman TNG "Hollow Persuits"
To Whom It May Concern A holographic message implanted in Illianas brain and intended to convince those who discovered her android nature not to reveal it to her; includes a subprogram specifically aimed at Data TNG "Inheritance"
Torres 2-1-6 Subterranean combat with Cardassian soldiers VOY "Extreme Risk"
Torres Zeta-1 Gruesome display of dead Maquis members VOY "Extreme Risk"
Transwarp Flight Simulation of the shuttle Cochrane VOY "Threshold"
Tropical Resort Simulation III Earth vacation spot VOY "Alter Ego"
Velocity Athletic game involving phasers and a small hovering puck VOY "Hope And Fear"
Vic Fontaine A nightclub in 20th century Las Vegas DS9 "His Way"
Vulcan Love Slave Romantic' novel DS9 "The Ascent"
Vulcan Love Slave Part II - The Revenge Sequel to the popular original program DS9 "Dr. Bashir, I Presume"
Vulcan Rage Program designed to vent the emotions of hate VOY "Meld"
Wooded Parkland Natural Earth setting with a stream TNG "Encounter At Farpoint"
World Series Includes the last professional baseball game ever played DS9 "If Wishes Were Horses"
Yankees vs. Redsox Imaginary baseball game between the 1961 Yankees and the 1978 Redsox DS9 "For The Cause"

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