The following are the questions I am most frequently asked to answer in e-mails sent from the site :

Can I copy your pictures and/or text on...

Yes. All original information on this site is free for anybody to copy so long as you follow some simple rules :
  1. Give proper credit where you use it - a note at the top or bottom of each page where information is reproduced noting the origin of the information. The statement should read something along the lines of "This information is courtesy of the Daystrom Institute Technical Library and copyright Graham Kennedy", or any other reasonable statement.
  2. The information should be used in the form of extracts rather than wholesale reproduction of entire sections. There is no specific limit in terms of the number of words, paragraphs, etc. that you may use - common-sense should apply. Note that I reserve the right to rescind permission to reproduce information should I judge that this limit has been exceeded.
  3. Do not make any charge for access to the information or any profit from it.
  4. Mention if you have altered the material.
All rights reserved.
What Font do you use for your titles?
The font is called Compacta Lt BT. I downloaded it from a web site some three years ago, and have no idea which site it was or whether it still exists. This particular font is a difficult one to find, but there are several good TNG monitor fonts out there which can be found via a search of Hotbot or Yahoo.

Compacta is a commercially created font, and as such it is a copyright violation for me to post you a copy. That's a risk I'm reluctant to take, so please don't ask me to do it.

Where do you get all your information?
All of the canon information on the site is drawn from filmed episodes or movies. For more detail, see the disclaimers and ethos sections of the guide.
I think you're wrong about...
Many people write offering alternative viewpoints on various aspects of Trek technology. This is all fine, and if you have an example where some part of the site is contradicted by the show itself then I welcome it and will update the site accordingly as time and interest allows.

If you offer alternative viewpoints based on noncanon sources such as the Tech Manuals, I may or may not include it. Noncanon sources are included only as and when I feel like doing so.

If you offer alternative viewpoints based on your own opinions, then I'll usually listen and be happy to discuss it with you. But in cases where it just comes down to a matter of opinion, well, this site is designed to showcase my opinions on Trek, not yours. Remember there's nothing stopping you from making your own website!

What's with all the different colours?
There is a colour coding scheme in operation throughout this site - the colour of every piece of text, every menu item and every button tells you something about it. Full details are available in the "Key" section of the site guide, but in brief :

Yellow text is information taken directly from filmed episodes or movies.
Green text is  information taken directly from official reference sources such as Tech Manuals, novels, etc.
White text is information invented by me.

Orange buttons lead to pages written from the point of view of the Trek universe. These pages treat the show as if it depicts real people experiencing real events.
Blue buttons lead to pages written from the point of view of the real universe. These pages treat the show as the fictional creation which it is.

As of now, the canon/background/speculation system doesn't apply to the blue sections of the site - those written from the 20th century point of view. Originally this was because little if any of this part of the site had any real canon content in it - it was all opinion, fanfic, site guide and suchlike. As a rule of thumb, you can take the stuff in the Lists section as canon and treat everything else as speculation.

Part of the site doesn't work!
We take great pains to ensure that this site works on every major browser. However, if your browser is not capable of JavaScript then you will have some difficulty - when you choose a topic you will get a title with a button or buttons next to it, which you then need to click to bring up the text or images. In addition, browsers which are not JavaScript capable will not be able to access the "Size Charts" section at all. There is just nothing we can do about this - I can only suggest you upgrade to a newer browser.

If you do find a problem when using a reasonably up to date browser, please let us know - as far as we are concerned the site is technically perfect right now, so if you find a problem it's one we don't know about and it will never be fixed until you report it!

Can I link to your site? Will you link to my site?
I don't much like links pages - I find making and maintaining them boring, As a result I have never, ever asked anybody to link to my site. If you do want to do so, then certainly you may. But I virtually never update my links page, so unless you have done some favor for me or something, sorry but it's highly unlikely that you will get a link on my site.
I want to create an LCARS interface for my site, can you help?
The interface for this site has been developed over several years - explaining every facet of it would take a long, long time. Basically we split the page into several frames. The top and bottom menu lists are frames which have a table in them; each cell of the table has a purpose-created graphic in it which is linked to the list related to that topic, with the link targeted to the correct frame. Each list is another table filled with more graphics, these linked to the individual pages and targeted to the main text area. That's the bare bones of it - if you wish you are welcome to download the pages and examine the HTML to see how the frames set-up works. If you still need more help, then email me and I will try to either answer your questions myself or pass them on to my brother, who is the resident programming expert and knows far more of these things than I do.
Do you have any information on what the next series/movie will be about?
In a word, no. Many people seem to think that I have some kind of special "insider access" to Trek information - in fact nothing could be further from the truth. I learn about upcoming episodes by reading about them on other peoples web sites, usually after they have aired in the USA. I have absolutely no idea which rumours are true and which are not.

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