The following people have contributed information, suggestions, or corrections which have been included in this page :

Ian Kennedy : Who pushed me into doing it in the first place! As stated earlier Ian has contributed more than anybody, including myself, to the nuts and bolts that make this site work as well as it does. He's also been an endless source of suggestions and great ideas regarding the content.

Sean Robertson : Contributed the whole idea of calculating the overall strength of the Alpha Quadrant fleets together with many suggestions for the numbers there, plus stuff for the rest of the web page far too numerous to remember or mention.

Mike Dicenso : Came up with the goods on just how big Spacedock is, and as a consequence pointed me towards a size for Starbase 74. Also indicated the true size range of Starbase 375.

Donald Latta : Contributed some insights into ship sizes and a couple of the images used here.

Peter W. Chung : Contributed a whole lot of stuff about the specifications of lots of different classes.

Stuart Davis : Contributed a correction regarding the dimensions of the Starfleet Runabout.

Steve Munz : Pointed out an error on the Sovereign class specs and made many suggestions related to various aspects of the site, most especially shield strengths. Some of his ideas will form the basis of future updates to these aspects.

Sven Ortmann : Who pointed out several errors throughout the site and made many suggestions related to various aspects of it.

Doug Rau : Who pointed out several errors I made in the maths of the Dyson sphere.

Chris Wagner : Who pointed out gaping holes in the photon torpedo page (what photon torpedo page, you ask? The holes were so big it sank!), convinced me who had warp drive first, and pointed out one or two other nits.

James Fox : Who told me the values for the heat of fusion and vapourization for Aluminium, thus completing the Tritanium power page.

Michael Voelker : Who found the "Rascals" quote that gave some insight into what Tritanium is.

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