The following is a list of every planet and moon mentioned in all films and live action episodes of Star Trek. The source for this list was the Star Trek Encyclopedia entry under Planets, Stars and Other Celestial Objects, but it is not an identical copy of that table. I have removed from the Encyclopedia list everything except planets and planetoids/moons; I have also gone through the new section and added everything I could find from there.

In compiling the list I stuck strictly to those places established as existing planets. This has led to a few judgement calls - for instance in Star Trek II Khan says he will chase Kirk "round the moons of Nibea...", but given the context (a modified Moby Dick quote) I think there's a strong possibility that Nibea is fictional so it isn't included. I was tempted to add some references which can be inferred from species names - i.e. in Voyager's "Retrospect" we meet the Entharans, a species which trades heavily with other races. This is generally a fairly conclusive proof that their home planet would be called Enthara. However, we do know that there are species in Trek whose name does not in fact come from their planet - Humans don't come from the planet Huma! So I have not made assumptions like this.

These kinds of decisions have led to about 70 candidates being missed out from this list, and many of these are likely to be actual planets. But I did want this list to be as canonical as is possible.

I've always found Trek species and planet naming conventions to be a little disappointing. It's a shame that the writers seem so locked into naming almost every species after their planet; worse still, there are times when both the star, planet, and species all have the same name. Even the Bajorans come from a Planet called Bajor which orbits the star Bajor! Rather like having Humans being called Solians from the planet Sol in the Sol system.

Any corrections or additions to this list will be gratefully appreciated, but please stick to canonical sources only - by which I mean the aforementioned films and live action episodes. No TAS, Tech Manuals, etc please. If you want your update to be speedily incorporated I need a planet name, the episode it comes from, and if possible a rough idea of where it's mentioned in the episode. Anyway... here's the list.
Name Description Series Episode
892 IV Home of a modern version of the Roman civilisation TOS "Bread And Circuses"
Acamar III Home of the Acamarians and Gatherers TNG "The Vengeance Factor"
Adelphous IV Planet the Enterprise-D was heading for in 2367 TNG "Data's Day"
Adigeon Prime Site of a genetic engineering facility when Bashir was enhanced as a child DS9 "Dr. Bashir, I Presume"
Ajilon Prime In the Arkanus Sector; site of a battle between Klingons and Federation forces in 2373 DS9 "Nor the Battle To the Strong"
Akritiri Delta Quadrant Planet VOY "The Chute"
Alastria Approximately 40 000 lightyears from Sikarus; famed for the erosine winds VOY "Prime Factors"
Aldea Planet thought to be fictional until it revealed itself to the Enterprise- D TNG "When the Bough Breaks"
Alpha 117 Class M planet which becomes exceptionally cold during the nighttime; Kirk was split into two halves here. TOS "The Enemy Within"
Alpha 441 Planetoid in the Badlands VOY "Dreadnought"
Alpha Carinae II Class M, used in M-5 test. TOS "The Ultimate Computer"
Alpha Carinae V Planet where the Drella lived, a creature which derived sustenance from emotions TOS "Wolf in the Fold"
Alpha Cygnus IX Planet where Sarek arranged an important treaty TNG "Sarek"
Alpha III Planet where an important human rights document was signed TOS "Court Martial"
Alpha Majoris I Home planet of the Mellitus, a being of many forms TOS "Wolf in the Fold"
Alpha Moon One of the moons of Peliar Zel TNG "The Host"
Alpha Onias III Planet where Riker was abducted by an alien child TNG "Future Imperfect"
Alpha Proxima II Several women where stated as being murdered here. TOS "Wolf in the Fold"
Alpha V Colony world; Home to relatives of Charlie Evans TOS "Charlie X"
Altair III William Riker refused to allow Captain De Soto to beam down to this planet TNG "Encounter At Farpoint"
Altair IV Federation world; home to Dr. Roget DS9 "Prophet Motive"
Altair VI Visited by the Enterprise in 2267, used in the Kobyashi Maru test TOS "Amok Time"; Star Trek II : The Wrath of Khan
Altec Member of the Coalition of Madena Along with Straleb TNG "The Outrageous Okona"
Amleth Prime Cardassian planet located inside an emission nebula DS9 "Return To Grace"
Andevian II Planet with at least four moons DS9 "Return To Grace"
Andoria Home of the Andorian people DS9 "Prophet Motive"
Angel One Planet ruled by women TNG "Angel One"
Angosia III Planet which modified its citizens to become the perfect soldiers, then mistreated them afterwards TNG "The Hunted"
Antede III Home to intelligent species of piscines TNG "Manhunt"
Antica Home of the Anticans TNG "Lonely Among Us"
Antos IV Planet where Captain Garth had cellular metamorphosis TOS "Whom Gods Destroy", "Who Mourns for Adonis"
AR-558 Site of Dominion Communications relay DS9 "The Siege of A R-558"
Archanis IV Planet claimed by the Klingons DS9 "Broken Link"
Archer IV Planet the Enterprise headed for after encountering the Bozeman TNG "Yesterday's Enterprise"
Arcybite Planet where a Ferengi took over mining refineries DS9 "The Nagus"
Ardana Location of the cloud city, Stratos TOS "The Cloud Minders"
Argelius II Planet dedicated to hedonism TOS "Wolf in the Fold"
Argratha Gamma Quadrant world, home of the Argrathi DS9 "Hard Time"
Ariannus Vital transfer point; infected by a bacterial plague in 2268 TOS "Let That Be Your Last Battlefield"
Arkaria Site of Arkeria base home of the Remmler Array TNG "Starship Mine"
Armus IX Planet where Riker wore a native costume made of leather TNG "Angel One"
Arvada III Planet where a disaster killed many people TNG The Arsenal of Freedom"
Aschelan V Location of a Cardassian fuel depot VOY "Dreadnought"
Atalia VII Site of a diplomatic conference in 2369 TNG "The Chase"
Athos IV Fog-bound world on the edge of the Badlands DS9 "Blaze of Glory"
Atrea IV Planet which suffered unexplained magma cooling around 2370 TNG "Inheritance"
audet IX Location of a Federation medical station TNG "The Child"; Star Trek : Encyclopedia
Axanar Planet that James Kirk once visited on a peace mission TOS "Whom Gods Destroy"
Babel Planet on which a conference was held concerning Coridans entry to the Federation TOS "Journey to Babel"
Bajor Closest inhabited world to the Wormhole. Rotational period of 26 Earth hours, 5 or more moons DS9 various
Bajor VIII Six colonies DS9 "Past Prologue"
Balosnee VI Planet where the harmonies of the tides causes hallucinations DS9 "The Nagus"
Barisa Prime Federation settlement DS9 "The Adversary"
Barkon IV Planet where a Federation deep space probe crashed TNG "Thine Own Self"
Barradas III Class M planet with many archeological ruins TNG "Gambit, part I"
Barson II Site of a medical emergency in 2370 TNG "Eye of the Beholder"
Barzan II Planet located near the Barzan Wormhole TNG "The Price"
Beltain IX Commercial shipping center TNG "Coming of Age"
Benecia Benecia Colony TOS "The Conscience of the King"; "Turnabout Intruder"
Benthos Homeworld to the Benthans VOY "Vis a Vis"
Benzar Homeworld of the Benzite people TNG "Coming of Age"
Berengaria VII Planet where dragons live TOS "This Side of Paradise"
Bersallis III Planet which suffers large firestorms every seven years TNG "Lessons"
Beta Agni II Experienced tricyanate contamination TNG "The Most Toys"
Beta Antares IV Imaginary cardgame Fizzbin was played here according to Kirk TOS "A Piece of the Action"
Beta III Sophisticated computer controlled the society here. Kirk destroyed it. TOS "The Return of the Archons"
Beta Kupsic The Enterprise D was due to visit here in 2365 TNG "The Icarus Factor"
Beta Moon Moon of Peliar Zel, at war with Alpha Moon TNG "The Host"
Beta Thoridar Klingon planet used as a base by the Duras forces TNG "Redemption"
Beta VI Destination of the Enterprise when it encountered Trelane TOS "The Squire of Gothos"
Beta XII-A Planet on which the Enterprise captured Kang TOS "The Day of the Dove"
Betazed Home of Betazoids; taken By Dominion forces during the war DS9 "In the Pale Moonlight"
Beth Delta I Dr. Stubbs wished he could take Deanna Troi here for champagne TNG "Evolution"
Bilana III approximately three lightyears from Layma II TNG "New Ground"
Blue Horizon Terraformed By Gideon Seyetik DS9 "Second Sight"
Bolarus IX Homeworld of the Bolian people TNG "Allegiance"
Bolias planetary Bank robbed DS9 "Who Mourns for Morn?"
Bopak III uninhabited; six weeks Away from nearest Dominion outpost DS9 "Hippocratic Oath"
Boraal II atmosphere Dissipated TNG "Homeward"
Boreal III Home of a transport attacked by the Crystalline Entity TNG "Silicon Avatar"
Boreth Klingon monastery DS9 "The Way of the Warrior"
Borka VI Troi was abducted by Romulans from this planet TNG "Face of the Enemy"
Bracas V LaForge took a vacation here and went skin-diving TNG "The Loss"
Brax Q is known as "The God of Lies" on this planet DS9 "Q- Less"
Bre'el IV A moon was knocked out of orbit, threatening planetary destruction TNG "Deja Q"
Brekka Home of the Brekkians TNG "Symbiosis"
Brentalia Planet used as a zoo for endangered species TNG "New Ground"
Bringloid V Site of an Irish colony TNG "Up the Long Ladder"
Browda IV Planet being terraformed in 2366 TNG "Allegiance"
Bryma In the DMZ DS9 "The Maquis, part 2"
Bynaus Home of Bynars TNG "11001001"
Cairn Species name, not necessarily planet name TNG "Dark Page"
Calder II Federation archaeological outpost raided by mercenaries TNG "Gambit, Part I"
Caldik Prime Fifth planet In Its system VOY "Caretaker"
Caldos Caldos Colony TNG "Sub Rosa"
Caldos IV One of the first Terraforming projects the Federation undertook TNG "Sub Rosa"
Camor V Jason Vigo settled here with his mother TNG "Bloodlines"
Camus II Janice Lester exchanged bodies with Captain Kirk here TOS "Turnabout Intruder"
Canopus planet Where Tarbolde wrote "Nightingale Woman" TOS "Where No Man Has Gone Before"
Capella IV Home planet of the Capellan warriors TOS "Friday's Child"
Cardassia Homeworld of the Cardassians TNG "The Chase"
Cardassia III Planet in the Cardassia system DS9 "Prophet Motive"
Cardassia IV Planet in the Cardassia system DS9 "The Homecoming"
Cardassia Prime Planet in the Cardassia system DS9 "The Wire"
Cardassia V Planet in the Cardassia system DS9 "Shadowplay"
Carema III Considered as a site for the partial mining system TNG "The Quality of Life"
Casperia Prime Ringed resort planet known as an important vacation spot in the Hovarian cluster DS9 "Change of Heart"
Castal I Site of conflict between the Talarians and the Federation TNG "Suddenly Human"
Catualla Home of Tango Rab, follower of Dr. Sevrin TOS "The Way to Eden"
Celtris III Planet in Cardassian space TNG "Chain of Command, Part I"
Cerebus II Planet where Mark Jameson obtained a de-aging drug TNG "Too Short A Season"
Cestus III On the far side of the Federation; 2 week delay for subspace messages TOS "Arena"
Ceti Alpha V Planet where Kirk abandoned Khan TOS "Space Seed"
Ceti Alpha VI Exploded six months after Khan was abandoned on Ceti Alpha V Star Trek II : The Wrath of Khan
Chalna Home of the Chalnoth civilisation TNG "Allegiance"
Chaltok IV Romulan research Colony VOY "Time And Again"
Chandra V Planet where Tam Elbrun was assigned TNG "Tin Man"
Chantil III Home of a mythical hunter named Darmok TNG "Darmok"
Cheron Planet whose society destroyed itself over racial hatreds TOS "Let That Be Your Last Battlefield"
Chrysalia From species name Chrysalians - not certain? TNG "The Price"
Cirrus IV Famed for its emerald wading pools TNG "Conundrum"
Coltar IV Suffered a time distortion in 2364 TNG "We'll Always Have Paris"
Cor Caroli V Suffered from the Phyrox plague TNG "Allegiance"
Coridan Petitioned for Federation entry in 2267 TOS "Journey to Babel"
Corinth IV Location of star fleet facility TOS "The Man Trap"
Corvan II Atmospheric pollutants threatened life on this planet TNG "New Ground"
Cygnet XIV Dominated by women. The Enterprise computer underwent a refit here TOS "Tomorrow is Yesterday"
Cygnia Minor Earth Colony threatened by famine TOS "Consciene of the King"
Daled IV Permanently half in daylight, half in night time TNG "The Dauphin"
Danula II Picard won the Starfleet academy marathon here TNG "The Best of Both Worlds Part II"
Daran V Planet in the path of Yonada TOS "For the World is Hollow and I Have Touched the Sky"
Davlos III On the Klingon Border DS9 "Visionary"
Davlos Prime Site of special "Care Center" DS9 "Time's Orphan"
Dayos IV Kang found one of the Albinos wives here DS9 "Blood Oath"
Decos Prime Site of a Federation base DS9 "Treachery, Faith, And the Great River"
Dedestris Planet in the delta quadrant VOY "Prime Factors"
Deinonychus VII The Enterprise D waited for the supply ship Vico here TNG "A Fistful of Datas"
Delb II Home of Nellen Tore, assistant to Admiral Satie TNG "The Drumhead"
Delinia II Planet where transporter psychosis was first discovered TNG "Relm of Fear"
Delios VII Home to the Karis Tribe VOY "Sacred Ground"
Delos IV Dr. Crusher completed her internship here TNG "Remember Me"
Delta IV Home of the Deltan people Star Trek : The Motion Picture
Delta Rana IV Delta Rana IV, Delta Rana TNG "The Survivors"
Delta Vega Desolate planet with an automated Lithium mining station on it TOS "Where No Man Has Gone Before"
Deneb II Kesla murdered several women here TOS "Wolf In the Fold"
Deneb IV Planet inhabited by the Bandii TNG "Encounter At Farpoint"
Deneb V Harcourt Fenton Mudd illegally sold the rights to a Vulcan fuel synthesiser here TOS "I, Mudd"
Deneva Infested by the Denevan neural parasites in 2267 TOS "Operation - Annihilate!"
Denius III Artifacts found here showed the location of Iconia TNG "Contagion"
Deriben V Aquiel Uhnari's last posting prior to Relay Station 47 TNG "Aquiel"
Derna Bajor's fourth moon DS9 "Image In the Sand"
Dessica II Picard was "murdered" in a bar on this planet TNG "Gambit, Part I"
Devidia II Place where inhabitants raided Earth's past to harvest neural energy TNG "Time's Arrow"
Dimorus Planet where Gary Mitchell saved Kirk from poison darts thrown by rodent creatures TOS "Where no Man Has Gone Before"
Donatu V Site of an inconclusive battle between the Federation and Klingons TOS "The Trouble with Tribbles"
Doraf I Planet where the Enterprise assisted with terraforming efforts TNG "Unification: Part I"
Dorvan V Near the Cardassian border TNG "Journey's End"
Dozaria Class M world with hot, desertlike climate DS9 "Indiscretion"
Draken IV TNG "Face of the Enemy" TNG "Gambit, Part I"
Drayan II Several moons VOY "Innocence"
Draygo IV Within three lightyears of Cardassian space TNG "Homeward"
Draylon II Near Celfala Prime DS9 "Sanctuary"
Drema IV Suffered violent geologic instabilities as a result of dilithium deposits TNG "Pen Pals"
Dreon VII Near the Badlands DS9 "For the Cause"
Dulisian IV Sent a distress call in 2368 TNG "Unification: Part II"
Durenia IV Destination of Enterprise-D in 2367 TNT "Remember Me"
Dytallix B Owned by the Dytallix mining corporation TNG "Conspiracy"
Earth Mostly Harmless Star Trek
Eden Planet thought to be a perfect paradise - actually highly poisonous TOS "The Way to Eden"
Ekos Planet turned into a copy of the Nazi state by Federation sociologist John Gill TOS "Patterns of Force"
El-Adrel IV Planet where the Tamarians met the Enterprise D TNG "Darmok"
Elas Inner planet of the Tellun star system TOS "Elaan of Troyius"
Elba II Penal colony for the Federations criminally insane TOS "Whom Gods Destroy"
Emila II Enterprise D visited here after Tanuga IV TNG "A Matter of Perspective"
Eminiar VII Fought a computer war with Vendikar for five hundred years TOS "A Taste of Armageddon"
Enara D Q VOY "Remember"
Enara Prime Home world of the Anarans  VOY "Remember"
Ennan VI Pulaski obtained a bottle of ale here TNG "Time Squared"
Epsilon Canaris III On the verge of war - negotiations assigned to Commissioned Hedford TOS "Metamorphosis"
Epsilon Hydra VII Vash was banned from the Royal Museum here DS9 "Q- Less"
Erabus Prime Planet where Q saved Vash when she was stung by an insect DS9 "Q-Less"
Errikang VII Q almost got Vash killed here DS9 "Q- Less"
Evadne IV Destination of Enterprise-D after it encountered an unstable wormhole TNG "Clues"
Excalbia Inhospitable volcanic planet where the Excalbians investigated good and evil TOS "The Savage Curtain"
Exo III Dead planet where Dr. Korby discovered sophisticated androids TOS "What Are Little Girls Made Of?"
Fahleena III A Valerian vessel visited here with supplies DS9 "Dramatis Personae"
Farius Prime Destination of Galador freighter DS9 "Honor Among Thieves"
Fendaus V Led by a family whose members have no limbs TNG "Loud as a Whisper"
Ferenginar Ferengi Homeworld, DS9 "Family Business"
Fina Prime Location of an outbreak of the Vidiian phage VOY "Lifesigns"
Finnea Prime Non Federation world DS9 "A Simple Investigation"
Folnar III Origin of the Folnar jewel plant TNG "Dark Page"
Forcas III Worf attended a Bat'Leth competition here in 2370 TNG "Parallels"
Forlat III Site of an attach by the crystalline entity TNG "Silicon Avatar"
Free Haven Bajoran Colony DS9 "To the Death"
Gagarin IV Location of Darwin Genetic Research station TNG "Unnatural Selection"
Gaia Home of Defiant crew descendants in an alternate timeline DS9 "Children of Time"
Galador II Homeworld of the Galador freighters DS9 "The Maquis, Part I"
Galdonterre Former hiding place of the Albino DS9 "Blood Oath"
Galen IV Federation Colony TNG "Suddenly Human"
Galor IV Holds Annex of the Daystrom Institute TNG "The Offspring"
Galorda Prime In 2372 a Klingon civilian transport crashed here, killing all aboard DS9 "Rules of Engagement"
Galorndon Core Federation space TNG "The Enemy", "Unification 2"
Galvin V A marriage here is only considered successful if offspring result within one year TNG "Data's Day"
Gamelan V Experienced increase in atmospheric radiation in 2367 TNG "Final Mission"
Gamma Hromi II Near a gatherer camp TNG "The Vengeance Factor"
Gamma Hydra IV Entire population of a Federation science colony died of apparent old age here TOS "The Deadly Years"
Gamma II Destination of the Enterprise when some officers were taken to Triskelion TOS "The Gamesters of Triskelion"
Gamma Tauri IV Ferengi stole a T-9 energy converter from here TNG "The Last Outpost"
Gamma Trianguli VI Tropical class M planet ruled by a computer called Vaal. Kirk destroyed it. TOS "The Apple"
Gamma Vertis IV Planet where the entire population is mute TOS "The Empath"
Ganalda IV Klingon forces retreated from here in 2373 DS9 "Nor the Battle To the Strong"
Garon II Visited by the Starship Wellington TNG "Ensign Ro"
Gaspar VII Homeworld of Captain Edwell TNG "Starship Mine"
Gault Worf grew up on this farm world DS9 "Let He Who Is Without Sin..." TNG "Heart of Glory"
Gema IV Planet in the Delta Quadrant controlled by the Kazon Nistrim VOY "Basics, Part I"
Gemaris V Captain Picard mediated a difficult trade dispute here TNG "Captain's Holiday"
Gemulon V Original destination of the SS Santa Maria DS9 "Paradise"
Genesis Mutara Sector, Destroyed Star Trek III : The Search for Spock
Ghorusda Planet TNG "Tin Man"
Gideon Planet suffering from massive overpopulation TOS "The Mark of Gideon"
Golana Bajoran Colony; Arrived At the "turn of the Century" DS9 "Time's Orphan"
Gonal IV Home of swarming moths TNG "Disaster"
Gothos Planet created by Trelaine TOS "The Squire of Gothos"
Gravesworld Home of Ira Graves, noted scientist TNG "The Schizoid Man"
Hakton VII In the Demilitarised Zone DS9 "The Maquis, Part II"
Halii Home of Lieutenant Aquiel Uhnari TNG "Aquiel"
Hanon IV Planet in the Delta Quadrant VOY "Basics"
Hansen's Planet Home to creatures similar to Taurus II TOS "The Galileo Seven"
Harod IV The Enterprise-D picked up some stranded miners here TNG "The Perfect Mate"
Harrakis V Visited by the Enterprise-D in 2367 TNG "Clues"
H'atoria Klingon Colony near Border of Klingon And Federation space TNG "All Good Things..."
Haven Beautiful planet thought by some to have mystical healing powers TNG "Haven"
Hekaras II Planet in the Hekaras corridor TNG "Force of Nature"
Hell Unofficial nickname. High levels of trigenic vapors and EM Disturbances VOY "Parturition"
Hemikek Planet in a yellow dwarf system VOY "Investigations"
Hemikek IV Delta Quadrant planet VOY "Lifesigns"
Heva VII Site of a refueling depot in the Delta Quadrant VOY "The Chute"
Hoek IV A planet where San Palo relics can be viewed DS9 "Q- Less"
Holberg 917G Planet owned by Flint TOS "Requiem for Methuselah"
Holna IV Planet rich in Minzinite DS9 "Statistical Probabilities"
Hurada III Visited by telepathic historians led by Tarmin TNG "Violations"
Hurkos III Devinoni Ral moved here at age 19 TNG "The Price"
Hur'Q Planet Class M world in the Gamma Quadrant DS9 "The Sword of Kahless"
Iadara Home of the Iadara Colony TNG "Parallels"
Iconia Home of a legendary Iconian Empire TNG "Contagion"
Icor IX Site of astrophysics center TNG "Captain's Holiday"
Ilari Planet in the Delta Quadrant VOY "Warlord"
Ilidaria Planet in the Delta Quadrant VOY "Parallax"
Inavar Prime Planet in the Delta Quadrant VOY "Survival Instinct"
Indri VIII Biosphere Destroyed TNG "The Chase"
Inferna Prime Planet which is eight days travel from DS9 DS9 "The Ascent"
Ingraham B Struck by Denevan neural parasite TOS "Operation: Annihilate!"
Invernia II Bashir's father was stationed there DS9 "Melora"
Itamish III Sisko family camp site. DS9 "The Jem'Hadar"
Ivor Prime Federation world; destroyed by the Borg Star Trek : First Contact
Iyaaran Homeworld Noted for it's spectacular crystal formations TNG "Liasions"
Janus VI Home of the Horta species TOS "Devil In the Dark"
Japori II Planet DS9 "Improbable Cause"
Jaros II Planet where Ro Laren was imprisoned by Star Fleet TNG "Ensine Ro"
Jeraddo Fifth moon of Bajor. Formerly Class M, now uninhabitable After Energy tapping DS9 "Progress"
Jouret IV New Providence colony was destroyed by the Borg here TNG "The Best of Both Worlds"
Juhraya Federation Colony near Cardassian border TNG "Premtive Strike"
Jupiter Sol V DS9 "Starship Down"
Kaelon II This star was used in experiments to reinitiate fusion TNG "Half a Life"
Kalandan Outpost Artificial Planet manufactured by the Kalandan people TOS "That Which Survives"
Kaldra IV Destination of a group of Ulian researchers TNG "Violations"
Kalla III Duras sisters conducted illegal mining here TNG "Firstborn"
Kataan Planet dead for 1,000 years TNG "Inner Light"
Kavis Alpha IV Became the home of the Nanites TNG "Evolution"
Kea IV Topic of research paper presented by Picard TNG "The Chase"
Kelva Planet in Andromeda, home of the Kelvan Empire TOS "By Any Other Name"
Kenda II Home of Dr. Dalen Quaice TNG "Remember Me"
Kentanna A mystical planet briefly thought to be Bajor DS9 "Sanctuary"
Kesprytt III Planet where Picard and Crusher were kidnapped TNG "Attached"
Kessik IV Third planet in its system VOY "Faces"
Khefka IV Homeworld to Mareel DS9 "Invasive Procedures"
Khitomer Site of important peace conferences between the Federation and Klingon Empire Star Trek VI : The Undiscovered Country
Khofla II Home of Ferengi business man Plegg DS9 "The Alternate"
Klaestron IV Homeworld to Ilon Tandro DS9 "Dax"
Klavdia III Salia was raised here to ensure her neutrality in the war on her homeworld TNG "The Dauphin"
Kora II Cardassian planet, site of a military academy DS9 "Duet"
Korma In Cardassian space DS9 "Return To Grace"
Kostolain Homeworld of Minster Camio, fiancee of Lwaxana Troi TNG "Cost of Living"
Kotati Planet in the Delta Quadrant VOY "Investigations"
Kraus IV Planet where Garak obtained silk lingerie DS9 "Past Prologue"
Krios Krios system. At war with Vault until Enterprise hosted a peace conference TNG "The Mind's Eye"
Ktaria VII V'naree homeworld VOY "Emanations"
Kurill Prime The original homeworld of the Vorta DS9 "The Jem' Hadar"
Kurl Kerlan civilization died out 12 000 years ago TNG "The Chase"
Kyana Prime Krenim colony erased from time VOY "Year of Hell"
Kylata II Class M planet in the Gamma Quadrant DS9 "Meridian"
Lambda Paz Moon of Pentarus III TNG "Final Mission"
Lamenda Prime Planet near Cardassia DS9 "The Homecoming"
Landris II Doctor Mowray conducted archeological research here TNG "Lessons"
Largo V A shipment of Tamen Sahsheer was bound for here DS9 "Babel"
La'voti V Delta Quadrant planet, visited by Voyager VOY "Nothing Human"
Lazon II Planet near Cardassia DS9 "Defiant"
Ledonia III Dax bought a planet on this planet DS9 "The Wire"
Legara IV Home of the Lagarans TNG "Sarek"
Lemma II Approximately three lightyears from Bilana III TNG "New Ground"
Levinius V Planet hit by the Denavan neural parasites in 2247 TOS "Operation Annihilate!"
Ligobis X Planet where Gideon Seyetik's painting where displayed DS9 "Second Sight"
Ligon II Home of the Ligonians, who value honor above all else TNG "Code of Honor"
Ligos VII Ligos system TNG "Rascals"
Lissepia Homeworld of the Lissepian people DS9 "Indiscretion"
Loren III Loren system TNG "The Chase"
Loval Civilian outpost, site of subspace relay station; site of secret weapons research installation DS9 "Return To Grace"
L-S VI Gamma Quadrant, located six lightyears from wormhole DS9 "The Alternate"
Lunar V Moon of Angosia III TNG "The Hunted"
Lysia Lysian system TNG "Conundrum"
M-113 Home of the Salt Vampire TOS "The Man Trap"
Mab-Bu VI Class M moon TNG "Power Play"
Makus III The Enterprise was to deliver medical supplies here TOS "The Galileo Seven"
Malaya IV Paul Hickman had a physical exam here TNG "Identity Crisis"
Malcor III Over 2000 lightyears from Earth; home of a species which has almost developed warp technology TNG "First Contact"
Malkus IX Inhabitants developed writing before sign language TNG "Loud as a Whisper"
Malon Prime Malon homeworld VOY "Juggernaut"
Manark IV Home of the sandbats TOS "The Empath"
Manu III Government used proximity detectors TNG "Legacy"
Maranga IV Worf attended the Klingon Kot'baval festival in 2370 TNG "Firstborn"
Marcos XII Chosen by the evil Gorgan to conquer TOS "And the Children Shall Lead"
Marejaretus VI Homeworld to the Ooolans TNG "Manhunt"
Mariah IV Visited by Valerian ship when delivering supplies DS9 "Dramatis Personae"
Marijne VII Gas Giant TNG "Interface"
Mariposa In the Phyecus Sector; site of Irish colony TNG "Up The Long Ladder"
Marlonia Visited by the Enterprise-D in 2369 TNG "Rascals"
Mars Sol IV; colonized by Earth in 2103 VOY "The 37's"
Marva IV Class M planet in the Badlands DS9 "For the Uniform"
Mataline II Neela Daren bought a flexible piano there TNG "Lessons"
Mavala IV Noonien Soong married Juliana O'Donnell TNG "Inheritance"
Meezan IV Bashir attended a burn treatment conference here DS9 "In Purgatory's Shadow"
Meldrar I Lunar prison DS9 "Necessary Evil"
Meles II Moriarti considered going here TNG "Ship in a Bottle"
Melina II Visited by Tarmin and his group of telepathic historians TNG "Violations"
Melnos IV planet where Neela Daren studied a plasma geyser TNG "Lessons"
Melona IV Stripped of life by crystalline entity TNG "Silicon Avatar"
Memory Alpha Site of the Federation library TOS "The Lights of Zetar"
Merak II Planet ravaged by a botanical plague TOS "The Cloudminders"
Meridian Triala system? DS9 "Meridian"
Merik III Planet in the Gamma Quadrant DS9 "Hippocratic Oath"
Midos V Planet where Dr Korby planned to make androids TOS "What are Little Girls Made of"
Mikah Planet in the Delta Quadrant; visited by the USS Voyager VOY "Unforgettable"
Milika III A young Picard rescued an Ambassador from here TNG "Tapestry"
Mimas Moon of Saturn TNG "The First Duty"
Minara II Used by the Vians TOS "The Empath"
Minos A major arms production center TNG "The Arsenal of Freedom"
Minos Korva Federation planet TNG "Chain of Command II"
Mintaka III Home of a Proto-Vulcan culture TNG "Who Watches the Watchers"
Miridian VI Barash claimed to have been captured by Romulans here TNG "Future Imperfect"
Mislen Delta Quadrant planet in yellow dwarf system VOY "The Swarm"
Mithren Planet in the Delta Quadrant VOY "Investigations"
Mizar II Homeworld of the Mizarians TNG "Allegiance"
M'kemas III In the Tzenkethi territory DS9 "The Adversary"
Moab IV Moab system TNG "The Masterpiece Society"
Monac IV Site of Dominion shipyards destroyed in Jadzias name to ensure her entry into Sto'vo'kor DS9 "Image in the Sand"
Moon Earth's only natural satellite Star Trek : First Contact
Mordan IV Endured a forty year civil war after Mark Jameson delivered advanced weapons TNG "Too Short a Season"
Morikin VII Cadet Picard was assigned here for training TNG "Tapestry"
Morska Klingon Planet with subspace listening post Star Trek : VI The Final Frontier
Mudd Class K planet inhabited by androids TOS "I, Mudd"
Mudor V The Enterprise-D hit a series of quantum filaments after leaving here TNG "Disaster"
Myrmidon Vash was wanted for theft here DS9 "Q- Less"
Nahmi IV Outbreak of Correllium fever in 2366 TNG "Hollow Pursuits"
Napimme In the delta quadrant VOY "Learning Curve"
Narendra III Site of the loss of the Enterprise C TNG "Yesterday's Enterprise"
Nasreldine Enterprise-D crew member caught the flu here TNG "The Icarus Factor"
Nelvana III Nelvana system TNG "The Defector"
Nervala IV Nervala IV TNG "Second Chances"
New Bajor Gamma Quadrant - same as the Crossover one? DS9 "The Jem' Hadar"
New Gaul Miranda Vigo was born here TNG "Bloodlines"
New Halana Terraformed by Professor Gideon Seyetik DS9 "Second Sight"
Nimbus III "The Planet of Galactic Peace"- a failure. In the Neutral Zone. Star Trek V : The Final Frontier
Ninipia Prime Famed for its dancing girls VOY "Vis A Vis"
Nivoch Planet VOY "Prime Factors"
No'nat Klingon planet where the right of MajQa is practiced TNG "Rightful Heir"
Norcadia Prime Norcadia system. Next to Pendari System. Theta Class; 260 million inhabitants; binary suns. VOY "Tsunkatse"
Norpin V Retirement colony TNG "Rascals"
Nyria III Nyrian system VOY "Displaced"
Oceanus IV Oceanus IV TNG "The Game"
Ogus II The Enterprise-D crew took shore leave here in 2367 TNG "Brothers"
Ohniaka III Ohniaka system TNG "Descent"
Omega IV Almost wiped out by a bacteriological war TOS "The Omega Glory"
Omekla III Obsidian Order shipyards located here DS9 "Defiant"
Omicron Ceti III Bombarded by Berthold rays; site of a failed colony TOS "This Side of Paradise"
Omicron IV Earthlike planet almost destroyed by nuclear weapons TOS "Assignment: Earth"
Omicron Theta Where Data was built TNG "Datalore"
Ophiucus III Harcourt Fenton Mudd planned to sell some women as wives here TOS "Mudd's Women"
Orelius IX Asteroidal planetoid TNG "Booby Trap"
Organia Home of the Organians, non-corporeal beings who ended the Federation Klingon war TOS "Errand of Mercy"
Orias III In the Orias system DS9 "Defiant"
Ornara Dala system TNG "Symbiosis"
Osinar VI Planet DS9 "Life Support"
Otar II Destination of the Enterprise-D following the death of Lal TNG "The Offspring"
Pacifica Ocean world TNG "Conspiracy"
Panora In the Demilitarised Zone DS9 "For the Uniform"
Parada II Paradas system DS9 "Whispers"
Parada IV Planet with seven moons DS9 "Whispers"
Parliament Beta Renna system? TNG "Lonely Among Us"
Parsion III Planet DS9 "Business as Usual"
Peliar Zel Planet whose two moons warred on one another TNG "The Host"
Pelleus V The Enterprise-D was scheduled to visit in 2364 TNG "11001001"
Pendari Next to Norcadian System VOY "Tsunkatse"
Pendi II Home of a trader who supplied information to the marquis TNG "Premtive Stike"
Pentarus II Shuttle Nenbeck was thought to have crashed here TNG "Final Mission"
Pentarus V Planet which petitioned Picard to mediate a labour dispute TNG "Final Mission"
Penthara IV Planet the Enterprise saved from ecological disaster while being investigated by a time traveler TNG "A Matter of Time"
Penthath III Worf destroyed a Klingon transport ship during a battle here DS9 "Rules of Engagement"
Persephone V Home planet of Admiral Jameson TNG "Too Short a Season"
Planet Q The home of the scientist Thomas Leighton TOS "Conscience of the King"
Platonius Home of the Platonians TOS "Plato's Stepchildren"
Pluto Sol IX Star Trek : Generations
Pollux IV Greek god Apollo tried to recruit Kirk as a worshipper here. TOS "Who Mourns for Adonais?"
Pollux V In the Beta Geminorum system TOS "Who Mourns for Adonis"
Portas V Breen System, Demilitarised Zone DS9 "For the Uniform"
Potak III In the Delta Quadrant VOY "Partuition"
Prakal II Guinan acquired an unusual drink here TNG "In Theory"
Praxis Klingon moon; largely destroyed in accident caused by overmining Star Trek VI : The Final Frontier
Prema II Delta Quadrant; Talaxian mining colony VOY "Basics, Part I"
Prophet's Landing Bajoran colony nearest Cardassian border DS9 "Heart of Stone"
Psi 2000 The Enterprise was nearly destroyed here TOS "The Naked Time"
Pullock V Site of the first off-planet raid by the Bajoran resistance DS9 "Shakaar"
Pyris VII Korob and Sylvia captured several Enterprise crew members here TOS "Catspaw"
Pythro V Planet DS9 "Rivals"
Qo'noS Pronounced "Kronos" Star Trek VI : The Final Frontier; DS9 "The House of Quark"
Quadra Sigma III Sigma Three system TNG "Hide And Q"
Qualor II Site of a Federation surplus depot TNG "Unification: Part I"
Quatal Prime In the Demilitarised Zone. At least four moons; attacked by biogenic weapon DS9 "For the Uniform"
Quazulu VIII Several Enterprise-D Students became ill here TNG "Angel One"
Rakal At least four moons DS9 "Return To Grace"
Rakhar Gamma Quadrant DS9 "Vortex"
Rakosa V Gamma Quadrant; Class M VOY "Dreadnought"
Ramatis III Ramatis III, Ramatis TNG "Loud as a Whisper"
Ramura Tracer homeworld VOY "Unforgettable"
Regula Mutara Sector; Class D - "Essentially a great rock in space". Star Trek II : The Wrath of Khan
Regulus III Science Academy; over 300 lightyears from Deep Space Nine DS9 "Fascination"
Regulus V Home planet of the giant eel birds TOS "Amok Time"
Rekag-Seronia Planet, site of bitter hostilities affecting Federation shipping TNG "Man of the People"
Relva VII Location of a Starfleet base TNG "Coming of Age"
Remmil VI Buildings are constructed of Crystalline webbing here DS9 "Heart of Stone"
Remus One of the homeworlds of the Romulan star empire TOS "Balance of Terror"
Rigel II McCoy met two scantily clad women here TOS "Shore Leave"
Rigel IV Pergium ore processing facility TOS "Wolf in the Fold"; DS9 "Prodigal Daughter"
Rigel V Planet where a drug to increase blood product was tested TOS "Journey to Babel"
Rigel VII Several Enterprise crew members were killed here TOS "The Cage"
Rigel XII Site of a Lithium crystal mining operation TOS "Mudd's Women"
Rinax Colonized moon of Talax; 300 000 died in the metreon cascade VOY "Jetrel"
Risa Planet famed as one of the galaxies great vacation spots. Site of the most elaborate climate control system in the Federation TNG "Captain's Holiday"
Rivos V Delta Quadrant VOY "Think Tank"
Rochanie III Kurzon Dax and Sisko were cornered by Kaleans here DS9 "Dramatis Personae"
Romulus Capital world of the Romulan Empire TOS "Balance of Terror"
Ronara In the DMZ TNG "Preemptive Strike"
Rousseau V Astroidal planetoid TNG "The Dauphin"
Ruah IV Supports a type of proto Humanoid TNG "The Chase"
Rubicun III Planet where the Edo live TNG "Justice"
Rujian Planet DS9 "A Man Alone"
Rura Penthe Frozen moon, site of Klingon forced labour camp Star Trek : VI The Final Frontier
Rutia IV Planet where terrorists kidnapped Dr. Crusher and Captain Picard TNG "The High Ground"
Sakura Prime Planet in the Alpha Quadrant VOY "Dreadnought"
Salinia Prime Delta Quadrant. Class M VOY "Warhead"
Saltok IV Planet DS9 "The Maquis, Part I"
Salva II In the Demilitarised Zone. Cardassian colony in treaty signing. DS9 "For the Uniform"
Sargon's Planet World destroyed centuries ago by war leaving a small number of survivors stored underground TOS "Return to Tomorrow"
Sarona VIII Enterprise-D destination before going on to Vandor IX TNG "We'll Always Have Paris"
Sarpeidon Beta Niobe system. Destroyed when sun went nova TOS "All Our Yesterdays"
Sarthong V Famous archeological ruins TNG "Captain's Holiday"
Saturn Sol IV, ringed planet TNG "The First Duty"
Scalos Planet whose inhabitants lived at a highly accelerated pace TOS "Wink of an Eye"
Secarus IV The albino's hideout in 2345 DS9 "Blood Oath"
Selay Homeworld to reptile people TNG "Lonely Among Us"
Sentinel Minor IV Destination of the USS Lalo before they where destroyed by the Borg TNG "The Best of Both Worlds I"
Seros Delta Quadrant VOY "Revulsion"
Setlik III Site of a Cardassian invasion TNG "The Wounded", DS9 "Emissary"
Sha Ka Ree Aka - Vorta' Vor, Sha Ka Ree, Etc. Lies At Center of Galaxy Beyond Great Barrier Star Trek V : The Final Frontier
Sherman's Planet World disputed by the Federation and Klingons. The Federation had the stronger claim TOS "The Trouble with Tribbles"
Shiralea VI Location of the Parallax colony TNG "Cost of Living"
Sigma Draconis III Class M Planet equivalent to Earth 1485 development TOS "Spock's Brain"
Sigma Draconis IV Class M Planet equivalent to Earth 2030 development TOS "Spock's Brain"
Sigma Draconis VI Class M Planet where Spock's brain was taken TOS "Spock's Brain"
Sigma Iotia II Planet whose inhabitants mimicked Earth mobsters TOS "A Piece of the Action"
Sikaris Approximately 40 000 light-years from Alastria; mantle of tetrahedral quartz 20 km thick VOY "Prime Factors"
Sobras  Kazon- Pommar world VOY "Alliances"
Solais V Place where Riva helped end a war TNG "Loud as a Whisper"; DS9 "The Adversary"
Solarion IV Formerly a Federation colony TNG "Ensign Ro"
Solosos III poisoned By Sisko; uninhabitable By Humans for 50 years DS9 "For the Uniform"
Sothis III Homeworld of the Satarran people TNG "The Chase"
Soukara In Dominion controlled space DS9 "Change of Heart"
Stakoron II In the Gamma Quadrant, contains Mizainite ore DS9 "The Nagus"
Straleb Omega Sagitta system TNG "The Outrageous Okona"
Styris IV Plagued by Anchilles Fever in 2364 TNG "Code of Honor"
Surata IV Riker was injured by a local plant TNG "Shades of Gray"
Suvin IV Planet with famous ruins TNG "Rascals"
T' Lani III Population was wiped out by a war DS9 "Armageddon Game"
T' Lani Prime Planet in the T'Lani system DS9 "Armageddon Game"
Tagra IV In the Argolis Cluster TNG "True Q"
Tagus III Planet with many archeological sites TNG "Qpid"
Takar Delta Quadrant. Second planet in system; Class M VOY "False Profits"
Talax Home of the Talaxians VOY "Jetrel"
Talos IV Home of the Talosians, one of the most powerful telepathic species TOS "The Cage"
Tantalus V Federation penal colony TOS "Dagger of the Mind"
Tanuga IV Dr. Apgar worked on the Krieger Wave converter here TNG "A Matter of Perspective"
Tarakis Location of telepathic memorial VOY "Memorial"
Tarchannen III Crewmembers from the USS Victory were infected by alien DNA here TNG "Identity Crisis"
Tarella Home of the Tarellians, who were all but destroyed in a biological war TNG "Haven"
Taresia Delta Quadrant. Third planet in system VOY "Favorite Son"
Tarod IX Near the Romulan Neutral Zone TNG "The Neutral Zone"
Tarok Class M moon in Kazon-Olga space VOY "Initiations"
Tarsas III Starbase 74 orbits here TNG "11001001"
Tarsus IV Site of the infamous massacre by Kodos the Executioner TOS "Conscience of the King"
Tartaras V Vash decided to explore here DS9 "Q-Less"
Tau Alpha C The Travelers home world TNG "Where No One Has Gone Before"
Tau Ceti III Planet where Picard met Captain Rixx in 2364 TNG "Conspiracy"
Tau Ceti Prime Site of tragic accident in 2358 that claimed the life of Admiral Janeway VOY "Coda"
Tau Cygna V Federation colony was established here in violation of the Treaty of Armens TNG "The Ensigns of Command"
Taurus II Planet where the shuttlecraft Galileo crashed TOS "The Galileo Seven"
Tavela Minor Planet nurse Ogawa considered taking a holiday on TNG "Imaginary Friend"
Telfas prime Location of a mining community VOY "Alliances"
Tellar Homeworld of the Tellarite civilisation; within striking distance of Betazed DS9 "In the Pale Moonlight"
Teluridian IV Alpha Quadrant planet VOY "Ex Post Facto"
Terlina III Planet where Noonien Soongs laboratory was situated TNG "Inheritance"
Terosa Prime Planet DS9 "Second Sight"
Tessen III Federation planet threatened by an asteroid in 2368 TNG "Cost of Living"
Tethys III Planet with a Hydrogen-Helium composition and a frozen core TNG "Clues"
Thalos VII Coca beans are aged for four hundred years here TNG "The Dauphin"
Thanatos VII A plasma conduit was manufactured here for the Enterprise-D TNG "Phantasms"
Thasus Planet where Charlie Evans grew up TOS "Charlie X"
Thelka IV Picard discovered an excellent dessert here TNG "Lessons"
Theta Cygni XII Planet struck by the Denevan Neural Parasites TOS "Operation : Annihilate!"
Theta VII Planet that requested vaccines from the Enterprise-D TOS "Obsession"
Theta VIII Final destination of the spacecraft Charybdis TNG "The Royale"
Tiburon Zora carried out unethical experiments here TOS "The Savage Curtain"
Tilonus IV Will Riker was brainwashed after being captured on an away mission here TNG "Frame of Mind"
Titan  Moon of Saturn TNG "The First Duty"
Titus IV Miles O'Brien almost stepped on a Lycosa Tarantula here TNG "Realm of Fear"
T'lli Beta Destination of the Enterprise-D when it encountered 2 dimensional creatures TNG "The Loss"
Tohvun III Neutral planet on the Federation - Cardassian border TNG "Chain of Command, Part II"
Torad IV Gamma Quadrant; a planet which has mysterious botanical specimens DS9 "Body Parts"
Toranius Prime Popular vacation planet from Turakus VOY "Memorial"
Torga IV Gamma Quadrant; vast quantities of cormaline DS9 "The Ship"
Torman V Picard gained transport for Celtris III from this planet TNG "Chain of Command, Part I"
Torna IV Planet DS9 "The Sword of Kahless"
Torona IV Home of the Jarada TNG "The Big Goodbye"
Torros III Location of Jem' Hadar space docks; destroyed by Federation forces at start of war. DS9 "Call to Arms"
Tracken II In the Demilitarised Zone; Maquis colony DS9 "For the Uniform"
Triacus Gorgan killed a Federation science team on this planet TOS "And the Children Shall Lead"
Trill homeworld Class M planet DS9 "Equilibrium"
Triskelion M-24 Alpha system TOS "The Gamesters..."
Troyius Tellun system TOS "Elaan of Troyius"
Turkana IV Tasha Yars birthplace; site of a failed Federation colony TNG "Legacy"
Ty' Gokor  Planetoid in asteroid field deep in Klingon space; new site of Klingon H Q DS9 "Apocalypse Rising"
Tycho IV Home of the vampire cloud creature TOS "Obsession"
Tyree Planet on which Sisko found the Orb of the Emissary DS9 "Image in the Sand"
Tyrellia Federation planet with no atmosphere and no magnetic pole TNG "Starship Mine"
Tyrus VII A Tyran system TNG "The Quality of Life"
Tzenketh Homeworld of the Tzenkethi DS9 "By Inferno's Light"
Ufandi III The Duras sisters transferred illegal goods through here TNG "Firstborn"
Ultima Thule Location of Dolamide purification plant DS9 "Dramatis Personae"
Umoth VIII In the Demilitarised Zone DS9 "The Maquis, Part II"
Unefra III Enabran Tain lived here during his retirement DS9 "Improbable Cause"
Vacca VI Cabral system TNG "Homeward"
Vadris III Natives think they are the only intelligent life in the universe DS9 "Q- Less"
Vagra II Zed Lapis system. Tasha Yar was murdered on this planet. TNG "Skin of Evil"
Valo I At least three moons TNG "Ensign Ro"
Valo II Located in the Valo system, near the Cardassian border TNG "Ensign Ro"
Valo III Located in the Valo system, near the Cardassian border TNG "Ensign Ro"
Valt Minor Planet at war with Krios TNG "The Perfect Mate"
Vandor IV Location of Doctor Manheims laboratory TNG "We'll Always Have Paris"
Vandros IV Site of Iconian Gateway DS9 "To the Death"
Vega Colony Destination of the USS Enterprise when it received a distress call from the USS Columbia TOS "The Cage"/ "The Menagerie 1"
Velara III In the Pleiades Cluster TNG "Home Soil"
Veloz Prime In the Demilitarised Zone; Cardassian colony; attacked by Maquis with biogenic weapon DS9 "For the Uniform"
Vendikar Fought a five century long computer war with Endikar, in the same system TOS "A Taste of Armageddon"
Ventax II Planet that entered into a bargain with the devil, Ardra TNG "Devil's Due"
Venus Sol II DS9 "Past Tense, Part I"
Veridian III Destroyed by star collapse in alternate timeline Star Trek : Generations
Veridian IV Destroyed by star collapse in alternate timeline Star Trek : Generations
Vilmor II Clues to the ancient seeding of Humanoids was found here TNG "The Chase"
Volchok Prime The Ferengi Hoex bought his rivals cargo port here DS9 "The Nagus"
Volon II In the Demilitarised Zone DS9 "The Maquis, Part I"
Volon III In the Demilitarised Zone DS9 "The Maquis, Part II"
Vulcan Home of the Vulcans, founding members of the Federation TOS "Amok Time"
Wrigley's Pleasure Planet Planet where Enterprise crewmember Darnell met a beautiful woman TOS "Man Trap"
Xanthras III Destination of the Enterprise-D in 2366 TNG "Menage a Troi"
Xerxes VII Legend says a mythical land called Neinman is found here TNG "When the Bough Breaks"
Yadalla Prime Archeological site, possible target for Baran's mercenary team TNG "Gambit"
Yadera II Gamma Quadrant home of Rurigan DS9 "Shadowplay"
Yadera Prime Conquered by the Dominion in 2340 DS9 "Shadowplay"
Zadar IV Planet where Dr. Harry Bernard once lived TNG "When the Bough Breaks"
Zalkon Homeworld of the Zalkonians TNG "Transfigurations"
Zayra IV Where Miles O'Brien rerouted an emitter array TNG "Realm of Fear"
Zeon Peaceful neighbors to the planet Ekos TOS "Patterns of Force"
Zeta Alpha II USS Lalo departed here before being lost to the Borg TNG "The Best of Both Worlds"
Zetar Home to the Zetareans, destroyed millennia ago TOS "The Lights of Zetar"
Zytchin III Captain Picard once spent a four day vacation there which he claimed not to enjoy TNG "Captain's Holiday"

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