The following is a list of all known (to me!) food and drink ever mentioned in the Star Trek universe. As usual I have relied heavily on the Encyclopedia as a source, but this one involved significantly more work than most since the Encyclopedia entry just provides a list of food names with no description or episode name, meaning I had to look each of the 369 entries up on this table individually. The things I do for you people...

In the enourmous majority of cases I've stuck strictly to the Encyclopedias take on these names, but there is one exception - the Encyclopedia claims the existence of a drink called 'bitters' which O'Brien and Bashir drink when they're playing their Battle of Britain holoprogram. In fact the drink is called 'bitter', and the Encyclopedia made a mistake because the characters used the plural "a couple of bitters".

As usual for these lists, any corrections or updates are appreciated. Please include the food or drink in question, the episode it is from, and if possible a rough idea of where it is mentioned in the episode.
Name Description Series Episode
Ailis Pate Neelix prepared it aboard Voyager VOY "The Cloud"
Aldebaran Whiskey Green alcoholic drink TNG "Relics"
Aldorian Ale Available from 10 forward TNG "The Perfect Mate"
Andorian Tuber Root Food which Jadzia Dax enjoyed more than Ben Sisko did DS9 "Second Sight"
Alfarian Hair Pasta Very high in protein, made from the follicles of a mature Alfarian VOY "Parturition"
Algae Puffs Small green pastries VOY "Remember"
Almond Pudding Soft dessert made from milk flavored by fruit from the almond tree VOY "Unforgettable"
Altair Water A favorite drink of Spock Star Trek III : The Search For Spock
Alter Sandwich Large meal served between two slices of bread DS9 "You are Cordially Invited"
Alterian Chowder Soup sold at Quarks DS9 "Armageddon Game"
Alva Small pale yellow fruit from Bajor DS9 "Resurrection"
Alvanian Brandy Alcoholic beverage disliked by Dr Bashir DS9 "Body Parts"
Alvinian Melons Large green fruit DS9 "Return to Grace"
Amber Spice Spice found in the Delta Quadrant VOY "The Voyager Conspiracy"
Andonian Tea Tea drank at Starfleet Headquarters TNG "Conspiracy"
Andorian Ale Beverage served at Quarks DS9 "Meridian"
Angla'bosque Neelix was proud of his recipe for this VOY "Caretaker"
Antarean Brandy Alcoholic beverage TOS "Is There In Truth No Beauty"
Anthraxic Citrus Delta Quadrant fruit VOY "Flashback"
Arcturian Fizz Beverage with pleasure enhancing qualities TNG "Menage a Troi"
Asparagus Edible shoots of Asparagus Officinalis, Janaway likes it for breakfast VOY "Phage"
Augergine Stew Dish favored by Commander Sisko DS9 "The Nagus"
Azna Favorite food of Jadzia Dax DS9 "A Man Alone"
Bacon Meat from a Terran pig DS9 "The Assignment"
Bahgol Klingon beverage best served warm DS9 "Blood Oath"
Bajoran Shrimp Small edible marine decapod from the green oceans of Bajor DS9 "You are Cordially Invited"
Baked Potato Edible shoots tuber of the Solanum Tuberosum plant VOY "The Cute"
Baked Risan Beans Seeds from a plant indigenous to Risa VOY "The Cute"
Baldoxic Vinegar Salad dressing, used by Neelix on Orchids VOY "Tattoo"
Balso Tonic Favorite beverage of Odan TNG "The Host"
Banana Pancakes This flat cake made from batter in a pan flavored with banana VOY "Extreme Risk"
Banana Split Wesley Crushers favorite dessert TNG "Suddenly Human"
Bantan Spicy vegetable dish made by Neelix VOY "The Cloud"
Barbecued Shrimp Marine decapods grilled over a flame and served with a seasoned source DS9 "Image in the Sand"
Beans Ingredient in McCoys favorite recipe Star Trek V : The Final Frontier
Bergamot Tea Drink favored by Neelix when he was troubled by not sleeping  VOY "Night"
Birthday Cake Cake made to celebrate a persons birthday, typically a fruit cake with icing TNG "Parallels"
Bitter English beer made with hops DS9 "Homefront"
Black Hole Ferengi beverage noted for it's pungent odor DS9 "The Homecoming"
Blackened Redfish Variety of fish found in the Louisiana bayous DS9 "The Visitor"
Bolian Tonic Water A refreshing Bolian beverage DS9 "Paradise Lost"
Bread Pudding Soufflé Light fluffy baked dessert DS9 "Homefront"
Bregit Lung Traditional Klingon dish TNG "A Matter of Honor"
Brestanti Ale An intoxicating beverage DS9 "Blood Oath"
Brill Cheese Creamy pale green cheese made from Schplict VOY "Learning Curve"
Bularian Canapés Hors d'oeuvres, favorite dish of Admiral Necheyev TNG "Preemptive Strike"
Burgundy French red wine VOY "Extreme Risk"
Caesar Salad Salad with Romaine lettuce, lemon juice, egg and anchovy dressing DS9 "His Way"
Calaman Sherry Favorite Beverage of Lieutenant D'Sora TNG "In Theory"
Carrot A long orange edible root of the earth plant Daucus Carota DS9 "Blaze of Glory"
Caviar Earth dish composed of unhatched fish eggs TNG "Sins Of The Father"
Chadre Kab Yellow colored dish, the first meal consumed by Seven of Nine VOY "The Raven"
Champagne Fizzy alcoholic earth drink TNG "Data Lore"
Chateau Cleon Type of champagne served by Quark, vintage 2303 was used to celebrate Siskos promotion to Captain DS9 "The Adversary"
Chateau Coeur Type of champagne VOY "Future's End, part I"
Chateau lafite Rothschild Fine red wine from France VOY "The Chute"
Chateau Latour Alcoholic beverage made from earth grapes VOY "The Killing Game, Part I"
Chateau Picard Wind from a traditional vineyard on Earth TNG "Family"
Chateaubriand Aged tenderloin beef roast DS9 "His Way"
chech'tluth Klingon alcoholic beverage TNG "Up The Long Ladder"
chee'lash Fruit in the Argrathi artificial reality prison program DS9 "Hard Time"
Cherel Sauce Drayan condiment sometimes served over Takka berries VOY "Innocence"
Cherries Jumbilee Earth dessert made with cherries favored with liquors, served flaming over ice-cream DS9 "His Way"
Cherry Pie Earth dish VOY "Pursuit"
Chicken ala Sisko Spicy chicken dish invented by Captain Sisko DS9 "Shattered Mirror"
Chili Burrito Highly seasoned bean dish wrapped in a flower tortilla VOY "Future's End, part II"
Chiraltan Tea Beverage occasionally drank by Ben Sisko DS9 "Second Sight"
Chocolate Deanna Trois favorite food TNG "The Price"
Chocolate Truffle Small rich chocolate covered confection VOY "The Q And The Grey"
Circassian Fig Fruit VOY "Learning Curve"
Citrus Blend Common food stuff consumed by Trill DS9 "Playing God"
Coffee Aromatic beverage made from the ground roasted seeds of an earth tree genus coffea TOS "The Corbomite Maneuver"
Coffee Ice Cream Frozen dairy made with coffee flavoring VOY "Persistence of Vision"
Coltayin Roots Edible plant form TNG "Liaisons"
Combat Ration Starfleet emergency foods DS9 "The Siege"
Corn Chowder Rich creamy earth soup DS9 "The Sound of Her Voice"
Corn Salad Dish made with kernels of an earth grain VOY "Faces"
Corned Beef Hash Form of Bovine meat from Terra DS9 "The Assignment"
Crawfish Etoufee Cajun dish of crustaceans cooked in a seasoned sauce containing tomatoes, celery, onions, bell peepers and garlic DS9 "Image in the Sand"
Creamed Spinnach Earth dish made from the vegetable with butter and milk VOY "Meld"
Creole Shrimp with Mandalay Spicy entrée made with shrimp and sautéed tomatoes DS9 "The Abandoned"
Croissant Type of bread developed in France TNG "Attached"
Cruller Small cake of sweated dough cooked in fat DS9 "Far Beyond the Stars"
Curried Chicken Earth dish consisting of Fowl cooked in spicy source DS9 "Blaze of Glory"
Darvot Fritters Breakfast food, Neelix made these from vegetables from the Hydroponics bay VOY "Phage"
Delavian Chocolates Rare and exotic confection DS9 "Improbable Cause"
Delovian Soufflé Ice cream like dessert, served by Guinan on the Enterprise-D TNG "The Child"
Delvin Fluff Pastries Confection that should not be eaten form breakfast DS9 "Facets"
Dill Weed Seasoning made from the ground leaves of the herb Anethum Graviolens VOY "Flashback"
Doughnut Toroidal pastry popular amongst humans DS9 "Far Beyond the Stars"
Dresci An alcoholic beverage from Pentarus V TNG "Final Mission"
Earl Grey Tea Picard likes this hot TNG "Contagion"
Eggs Ova of terran fowl DS9 "The Assignment"
Eggs Benedict Traditional earth breakfast made with earth eggs. VOY "The Phage"
Endive Salad Dish made with the leaves of the earth plant Cichorium Edivia DS9 "Whispers"
Enemies Blood Kazon beverage, this is a translation of the Kazon name VOY "Maneuvers"
Eskarian Egg Delta quadrant egg VOY "Investigations"
Fanalian Toddy Hot alcoholic beverage, sometimes used as a cough remedy DS9 "Explorers"
Felada Onion Crisps Horsd'oeuvres, one of Neelix's specialties VOY "The Cloud"
Feline Supplement 221 One of the many foods Data created for Spot TNG "Phantasms"
Feline Supplement 25 One of the many foods Data created for Spot TNG "Data's Day"
Feline Supplement 74 One of the many foods Data created for Spot TNG "Force Of nature"
Feragoit Goulash Vegetable stew VOY "Parallax"
Fetran Sauce Dessert sauce sometimes used on a triple chocolate Wikki fruit sundae VOY "Riddles"
Finagle's Folly Potent beverage created by Dr. McCoy TOS "The Ultimate Computer"
Firenut Dry one seeded fruit which can be used to make a potent form of coffee VOY "Mortal Coil"
Fish Juice Beverage often enjoyed hot by Cardassians DS9 "Trials and Tribble-ations"
Flambe Noodles Side disk of long thin pasta served flaming VOY "The Cute"
Flan Dessert made of a molded custard topped with caramel syrup DS9 "Whispers"
Foraiga Difficult to obtain Bajoran delicacy TNG "Preemptive Strike"
Frankfurter Smoked red colored sausage DS9 "Far Beyond the Stars"
French Onion Soup Earth delicacy made from sautéed root and meat broth DS9 "The Siege"
French Toast Earth dish of bread dipped in batter and fried VOY "Real Life"
Fricandeau Stew Earth dish made with braised veal and vegetables DS9 "Whispers"
Fruit Cocktail Dessert or side dish consisting of chopped fruit in syrup VOY "The 37's"
Fudge Ripple Pudding Sweet desert made from milk and chocolate flavoring VOY "The Cute"
Fungilli Favorite food of Dr Leah Brahms TNG "Galaxy's Child"
Gabosti Stew Prepared by Neelix on Voyager VOY "Elogium"
Gagh Klingon dish consisting of serpent worms, often live TNG "A Matter of Honor"
Gallia Nectar Delicius yellow drink made from a flower which blooms one every six years VOY "Warlord"
Gamzain Wine Beverage served at Quarks DS9 "Q-Less"
Garlic Soup Broth made with the cloves of an earth plant VOY "Cathexis"
Gavaline Tea Enjoyed by Lwaxana Troi DS9 "The Muse"
Ginger Tea A hot beverage used to cure cold symptoms TNG "Ensign Ro"
Gladst Klingon dish, leafy and brown DS9 "Melora"
Golana Mellon Large fruit found on the planet Golana DS9 "Time's Orphan"
Gramilian Sand Peas Snack food which stimulates thirst DS9 "Rules of Acquisition"
Grapok Source Klingon condiment DS9 "Sons and Daughters"
Green Beans Earth vegetable served as a side dish VOY "The 37's"
Greenbread Common food on the planet Yaddra II DS9 "Shadowplay"
Grilled Mushrooms Grilled earth fungi VOY "The Cute"
Groatcakes Food Leeta enjoyed for breakfast DS9 "The Magnificent Ferengi"
Gumbo A thick soup or stew containing okra pods DS9 "Homefront"
Haggis Traditional Scottish dish TOS "The Savage Curtain"
Hasparat Spicy Bajoran burrito which can make your eyes water and sear the toung, prepared by soaking in brine TNG "Preemptive Strike"
Hasperat Soufflé Dish made by baking blended Hasperat in a deep pan DS9 "Sacrifice of Angels"
Hatana Spiced Taresian dish VOY "Favorite Son"
Heart of Targ Klingon dish TNG "A Matter of Honor"
Herbal Tea Hot earth beverage made from plants such as chamomile VOY "Unforgettable"
Hlaka Soup Prepared by Neelix on Voyager VOY "Investigations"
Hot Dog Sausage in a bun DS9 "Starship Down"
Ice-cream Dessert food served frozen DS9 "Sons and Daughters"
Iced coffee Earth drink TNG "Aquiel"
Icoberry Juice Jadzia Dax liked this, but it made her spots itch DS9 "Let He Who Is Without Sin"
Icoberry Torte Rectangular dessert food available from the Replimat on DS9 DS9 "The Homecoming"
I'danian Spice Pudding dessert, extremely fattening DS9 "The Wire"
Jambalaya Stew made of fowl or seafood, vegetables and rice DS9 "The Jen'Hadar"
Jell-O Brand name of a fruit flavored gelatin dessert popular on Earth VOY "The 37's"
Jestral Tea Favorite beverage of Lwaxana Troi TNG "The Cost Of Living"
Jibalian Fudge Cake Desert item made by Tuvok VOY "Riddles"
Jibalian Omlette Prepared by Neelix on Voyager VOY "Prototype"
Jimbalian Fudge Chocolate dessert dish VOY "Twisted"
Jumbo Romulan Mollusks Seafood dish prepared by Quark for Sakona DS9 "The Marquis, Part I"
Jumja Bajoran candy make from the sap of the Jumja tree DS9 "In The Hands Of The Prophets"
Jumja Tea Beverage made from the sweet sap of the Jumja tree DS9 "Crossover"
Kaferian Apples Fruit resembling Terran apple TOS "Where No Man Has Gone Before"
Kai Winn Soufflé Elaborate dessert created by Quark to honor the Kai in 2371 DS9 "Life Support"
Kalavian Biscuits Pastry snack made by Neelix VOY "Threshold"
Kali-fal Pale blue green Romulan beverage DS9 "In The Pale Moonlight"
Kanar Cardassian drink DS9 "The Wire"
Kandora Champagne Beverage sold by Quark DS9 "Meridian"
Karvino Juice Translucent green beverage available from Quarks DS9 "Defiant"
Kava Juice Drink made by squeezing the roots of a Bajoran Kava plant DS9 "You are Cordially Invited"
Kava Nut Edible fruit of the Bajoran Kava plant, one of the few foods that the Vorta enjoy DS9 "Treachery, Faith and the Great River"
Kava Roll Small Bajoran bread roll DS9 "Resurrection"
Kaylo Yellow fruit similar to an earth apple but highly poisonous VOY "State Of Flux"
Kesatian Ale Deputy investigator Naroq gave his supervisor two bottles of this drink in order to get assigned to an investigation into the Ba'Neth VOY "Riddles"
Kilm Steak Slice of grilled Kilm meat DS9 "After Image"
Klingon Blood Wine Variety of Klingon red wine, best served warm TNG "Gambit, Part II"
Klingon Martini Alcoholic beverage made with vermouth, gin and a dash of Blood wine VOY "In The Flesh"
Kohlanese Stew Served at Quarks DS9 "Babel"
Krada Legs Klingon dish consisting of the broiled legs of a small animal DS9 "The Sound of Her Voice"
Ktarian Chocolate Puff Confection made with 17 different chocolates TNG "Liaisons"
Ktarian Eggs Large orange and red eggs, which are green on the inside Star Trek: Generations
Ktarian Merlot Alcoholic beverage with some similarity to an Earth wine VOY "Scientific Method"
Kylerian Goat's Milk Used as a soporific VOY "Death Wish"
Landras Blend Coffee like drink from the delta quadrant VOY "Prototype"
Lapsang suchong Tea Earth beverage TNG "New Ground"
Larish Pie Cardassian food served at Quarks DS9 "The Storyteller"
Laurelian Pudding Prepared by Neelix on Voyager, white in color VOY "Learning Curve"
Leola Root Favorite ingredient of Neelix, bitter tasting but a good source of vitamins and minerals VOY "State Of Flux"
Linguini with Bajoran Shrimp Seafood dish of extruded carbohydrate pasta served with Bajoran marine decapods DS9 "You are Cordially Invited"
Livanian Beet Variety of succulent root of the Biennial Livanian herb used as a vegetable DS9 "Who Mourns For Morn?"
L'maki Nut Edible hard shelled seed pod, a favorite of Kes VOY "Twisted"
Lokar Beans Food served at Quarks DS9 "Move Along Home"
Lorvan Crackers Snack food available at Quarks bar DS9 "Defiant"
Macchiato Cappuccino like beverage TNG "The Chase"
Malkothian Spirits Beverage distilled by the Alsuran Empire in an alternative timeline VOY "Year Of Hell, Part II"
Mantickian Pate Dish concocted by Lwaxana Troi TNG "Half A Life"
Mapa Bread Bajoran baked food made from grain meal DS9 "You are Cordially Invited"
Maple Syrup Refined sap of Earth's Maple tree VOY "Extreme Risk"
Maporian Ale Alcoholic beverage; Grilka liked it with a hint of Pazafer DS9 "Looking for Par'Mach In All The Wrong Places"
Maraltian Seev-ale Beverage kept in Quarks private stock DS9 "Duet"
Mareuvian Tea Beverage served in 10 forward TNG "The Child"
Marob Root Tea Banean drink VOY "Ex Post Facto"
Mashed Potato Earth dish VOY "Meld"
Matopin Rock Fungi Edible fungi used in salads DS9 "Business As Usual"
Milk Popular Earth drink secreted by cows TOS "The Conscience Of The King"
Millipede Juice Ferengi beverage, served with or without shells DS9 "Prophet Motive"
Mint Tea Earth beverage favored by Perrin TNG "Unification, Part I"
Moba Fruit Bajoran food served on DS9 at the reception of a Trill science team DS9 "Rejoined"
Moba Jam Preserves made from Moba fruit, native to the planet Bajor DS9 "Inquisition"
Modela Aperitif Double layered beverage served at Quarks DS9 "Dramatis Personae"
Moolt Nectar Delicious beverage VOY "Mortal Coil"
Moon Grass Used as a flavor enhancer DS9 "Business As Usual"
mot'loch Potent Klingon drink traditionally drunk on the Day of Honor VOY "Day of Honor"
Mushroom Pilaf Side dish of spiced rice and mushrooms in a sauce VOY "Real Life"
Mushroom Soup Soup containing Terran fungi VOY "State Of Flux"
Mushrooms Earth fungi DS9 "You are Cordially Invited"
Muskan Seed Punch Traditional Haliian beverage TNG "Aquiel"
Nimian Sea Salt Delta quadrant spice VOY "Prototype"
Nozala Sandwich Krellan foodstuff DS9 "Honor Amongst Thieves"
Oatmeal Earth breakfast dish VOY "Phage"
Oblissian Cabbage Vegetable grown in Voyagers airponics VOY "Elogium"
Ongilin Caviar Made from fish eggs TNG "Genesis"
Onion Rings Terran food often served as a side dish VOY "The Chute"
Orange Juice Juice of a large Terran fruit DS9 "The Muse"
Oskoid Leaf-like delicacy from Betazed TNG "Menage a Troi"
Osol Twist A Romulan confection with a tart flavor DS9 "Image in the Sand"
Owon Eggs Delicacy prepared by commander Riker for some of his shipmates TNG "Time Squared"
Oysters Rockefeller Appetizer consisting of oysters baked in spinnach, garlic, scallion and anchovy sauce DS9 "His Way"
Palamarian Sea Urchin Seafood enjoyed by the regent of Palamar DS9 "Business As Usual"
Pancakes Terran dish DS9 "The Assignment"
Papalla Juice Orange beverage served at 10 forward for children. Best with extra bubbles. TNG "Imaginary Friend"
Para Creme Sauce A desert suace made by Tuvok and used on Pistachio cake. VOY "Riddles"
Paris Delight Type of coffee to commemorate Lt. Paris's breaking of the warp 10 barrier VOY "Threshold"
Parthas ala Yuta Acamarian spiced vegetable dish TNG "The Vengeance Factor"
Pasta ala Fiorella One of Geordis favorite dishes TNG "Birthright, Part I"
Pasta Boudin Spicy Earth pasta dish served at Sisko's in New Orleans DS9 "Paradise Lost"
Pazafer Additive used in some drinks DS9 "Looking for Par'Mach In All The Wrong Places"
PCS Pulaski's Chicken Soup TNG "The Icarus Factor"
Peach Cobbler Dessert made with peaches and biscuit TNG "Liaisons"
Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich Terran meal composed of two layers of bread with filling between VOY "Faces"
Pecan Pie dessert food consisting of Pecan nut compote baked in a crust VOY "Prime Factors"
Pendrashian Cheese Delta quadrant cheese VOY "Investigations"
Peppermint Coulis Desert item used by Tuvok with Jibalian fudge cake VOY "Riddles"
Perjuta Beverage often served hot on Voyager VOY "Parallax"
Petrokian Sausage Available from the E-D replicators TNG "Cost Of Living"
Pipius Claw Klingon dish TNG "A Matter of Honor"
Pistachio cake Desert item made by Tuvok VOY "Riddles"
Pizza Terran food considered by many to be a classic dish VOY "Threshold"
Plankton Loaf Baked microscopic sea life TNG "The Wounded"
Pleeka rind with grub meal Casserole made from foodstuffs Delta Quadrant ingredients VOY "Real Life"
Plomeek Soup Vulcan dish TOS "Amok Time"
Plomeek Soup a la Neelix Spiced up version of Plomeek soup VOY "Faces"
Porakan Eggs Eggs from an Oocytic animal indigenous to Porakas IV in the delta quadrant VOY "Flashback"
Pot Roast Earth dish made from beef VOY "Macrocosm"
Potak Cold Fowl Beverage made from glandular secretions of an adult dunghill bird found on Potak III VOY "Paturation"
Potato Casserole Dish favored by O'Brien TNG "The Wounded"
Potato Salad Earth dish made from potatoes mixed with pickles, mustard and onions in a paste made from egg whites and vegetable oil VOY "One"
Powdered Newt Finely ground desiccated lizard remains used as a food supplement DS9 "Business As Usual"
Prime Rib Made from beef meat VOY "Meld"
Prishic Spice from the delta quadrant VOY "Prototype"
Prune Juice A warriors drink! TNG "Yesterday's Enterprise"
Puree of Beetle Ferengi food often eaten for breakfast DS9 "The Assignment"
Purple Omlettes Dish concocted by Clara Sutter TNG "Imaginary Friend"
Putillo Vegetable from the planet Napinne VOY "Learning Curve"
Pyrellian Ginger tea Bajoran beverage which was scarce during the occupation DS9 "Necessary Evil"
q'lava Watery fruit enjoyed by the Vorta DS9 "The Ship"
Q'parol Casserole know for being difficult and time consuming to make DS9 "The Assignment"
Quadrotriticale A type of wheat TOS "The Trouble With Tribbles"
Racht Klingon food similar to Gagh DS9 "Playing God"
Raktajino Klingon coffee DS9 "The Passenger"
Ramufta Dish made by Tora Zial in 2374 DS9 "Sons and Daughters"
Ratamba Stew Traditional Bajoran stew DS9 "For the Cause"
Red Leaf Tea A favorite of Gull Dukat DS9 "Civil Defense"
Rekarri Starburst Festive beverage, oft served in a tall glass with flowers VOY "Warlord"
Rengazo Seasoning used by Neelix on Voyager VOY "Flashback"
Rice Edible seeds of an Earth serial grass, Oryza Sativa DS9 "Blaze of Glory"
Rippleberry Small fruit, one of the few foods Vorta could enjoy DS9 "Treachery, Faith and the Great River"
Roast Lamb Dish which was a favorite of Tom Paris VOY "The Chute"
Rokassa Juice Beverage with tranquilizing qualities enjoyed by Garak DS9 "Cardassians"
Rokeg Blood Pie Klingon dish TNG "A Matter of Honor"
Rolk A type of Benean meat sometimes cooked in a stew VOY "Ex Post Facto"
Romulan Ale Green drink once illegal in the Federation Star Trek II : The Wrath Of Khan
Root Beer Drink renowned for being happy and fizzy DS9 "Way of the Warrior"
Saint Emileon A French wire VOY "The Cloud"
Samarian Sunset Drink commander Data was skilled at making TNG "Conundrum"
Sauer Kraut Shredded and salted cabbage fermented in its juice DS9 "Far Beyond the Stars"
Saurian Brandy Potent liqueur favored by several members of the Enterprise-D crew TOS "The Enemy Within"
Sautéed Beets Freshly edible root vegetable of the genus beta browned in a pan with fatty sauce DS9 "Equilibrium"
Schplict Grakel milk, used to make Brill cheese VOY "Learning Curve"
Scones Foodstuff from England on the planet Earth DS9 "Inquisition"
Scrambled Eggs Ova of an Earth fowl, beaten and fried VOY "Scientific Method"
sem'hal Stew Main dish available on DS9 DS9 "Duet"
Senarian Egg Broth Soup; Mariel gave Miles O'Brein some after he was stunned with a phaser DS9 "Invasive Procedures"
Shrimp Creole Traditional Earth seafood dish DS9 "Home Front"
Shrimp with Fettran Sauce Dish of small edible marine decapods VOY "The Chute"
Silmic Wine Alcoholic drink available on USS Voyager VOY "Investigations"
Silven Surprise Beverage served at Quarks bar DS9 "Valiant"
Single Malt Unblended whiskey, often preferred by true connoisseurs of the drink VOY "In The Flesh"
Slug Liver Ferengi food usually served raw DS9 "The Assignment"
Slug Steak Dish popular on the Ferengi homeworld DS9 "Ferengi Love Songs"
Slug-o-cola Drink popular on the Ferengi homeworld, made with 43% live algae, "the slimiest cola in the galaxy" according to its makers DS9 "Profit And Lace"
Snail Juice Ferengi beverage, favorite of Rom who liked it with extra shells DS9 "Bar Association"
Snail Steak Grilled slices of succulent molluskoid, much loved by the Ferengi DS9 "Profit And Lace"
Soy Meal Food made of ground beans from an Earth plant VOY "Unforgettable"
Spinnach Juice Beverage made from the leaves on an earth vegetable VOY "Eye of the Needle"
Spiny Lobe-Fish A meal served to Riker at the imaginary Talonius Institute for Mental disorders - this dish may not in fact exist at all TNG "Frame Of Mind"
Spith Basil Spice native to the Delta Quadrant VOY "Prototype"
Spring Wine Intoxicating Bajoran beverage DS9 "Return To Grace"
Squid Life form indigenous to Earth, sometimes eaten with pureed tube grubs by the Ferengi DS9 "Blaze of Glory"
Stardrifter Ferengi beverage served at quarks DS9 "Babel"
Steak Slices of Earth bovine broiled or grilled DS9 "Far Beyond the Stars"
Stewed bok-rat liver Klingon foodstuff once served on the Rotarran DS9 "Soldiers of the Empire"
Strawberries and Cream Traditional earth breakfast food VOY "Phage"
Stuffed Cardaway Leaves Hors d'oeuvres, a specialty of Neelix VOY "The Clan"
Suck salt Tube of salt designed to be taken orally to keep the bodies salt levels up TNG "Unification, Part II"
Sweet Leola Root Tart Desert item made by Tuvok VOY "Riddles"
Synth ale Bajoran bevarage served at Quarks DS9 "Emissary"
Synthehol Synthetic form of alcohol from which many of the harmful effects have been removed TNG "Family"
Syrup of Squill Foodstuff made from the Squill plant which only grows on the planet Balancar DS9 "The Magnificent Ferengi"
Takana Root Tea Beverage from the gamma quadrant DS9 "The Quickening"
Takar Loggerhead Eggs Beakfast food served by Neelix VOY "The Cloud"
Takarian Mead Alcoholic drink made from honey and water DS9 "The Visitor"
Takka Berries Edible fruit from Drayan II VOY "Innocence"
Talaxian Champagne Alcoholic beverage made from moon-ripened Talaxian fruit VOY "The Gift"
Talaxian Tomato Large edible berry from the planet Talax VOY "Resolutions"
Tamarian Frost Sweet beverage served at 10 forward TNG "Hero Worship"
Terellian Spices Armoatic flavoring agents TNG "Liaisons"
Tarin Juice Beverage consumed by the Enarans VOY "Remember"
Tarkalean Tea Beverage available in DS9 kiosk DS9 "Past Prologue"
Tarragon Earth seasoning made from a perennial plant DS9 "Blaze of Glory"
Tartoc Vegetable used in salads DS9 "Business As Usual"
Tarvokian Pound Cake Dessert baked by Worf TNG "Liaisons"
Tarvokian Powder Cake White desert confection TNG "Liaisons"
Taspar Egg The ova of a Cardassian fowl. Boiled Taspar egg is considered a delicacy, but raw Taspar is considered extremely unappetizing TNG "Chain Of Command, Part II"
Tea Beverage made with the leaves of an earth plant soaked in boiling water VOY "Flashback"
Telluridian Synth Ale A beverage prized on Turkana IV colony TNG "Legacy"
Tempura Earth food made within the Japanese culture DS9 "Chrysalis"
Tequila Alcoholic beverage made from the Agave plant on earth Star Trek: First Contact"
Terra-nut Souffle Desert item created by Tuvok VOY "Riddles"
Thalian Chocolate Mousse dessert which uses four hundred year old chocolate beans TNG "The Dauphin"
Til'amin Froth Drink served in 10 Forward on the Enterprise-D TNG "Eye of the Beholder"
TKL Ration Standard meal pack used on the Enterprise-D in an alternate time line TNG "Yesterday's Enterprise"
Toffa Ale Delta quadrant alcoholic drink VOY "Fair Trade"
Tojal in Yamok Sauce Cardassian appetizer DS9 "Destiny"
Tomato Soup Traditional earth food, Voyager replicators have 40 varieties VOY "Caretaker"
Traggle Nectar Beakfast beverage from the delta quadrant VOY "Prototype"
Trakian Ale Liked by commander Riker TNG "Lower Decks"
Tranya Drink consumed in the First Federation TOS "The Corbomite Maneuver"
Trellan Crepes Thin egg pancakes with mushroom and spices, Kes's favorite meal VOY "Tuvix"
Triple Chocolate Wikki Fruit Sundae Dessert created by Tuvok VOY "Riddles"
Trixian Bubble Juice Served at Quarks DS9 "The Storyteller"
Tube Grubs Ferengi food eaten alive; best served dank and musty. DS9 "Family Business"
Tulaberry Wine Beverage originating from the Gamma Quadrant DS9 "Rules Of Acquisition"
Tzartak Aperitif Specialty beverage created by Guinan; it evaporated as it hit the tongue TNG "Time's Arrow, Part I"
Utta Berries Blueberry like fruit native to Betazed TNG "Menage A Troi"
Utta Berry Crepes Served at Quarks DS9 "Armageddon Game"
Vak Clover Soup Fine food served to Fallit Kot by Quark DS9 "Melora"
Valerian Root Tea Favorite Beverage of counselor Troi TNG "Second Chances"
Varmeliate Fiber Food which Neelix obtained from the planet Napinne VOY "Learning Curve"
Vegetable Bouillon Soup made from plants, a favorite of Captain Janeway VOY "Eye of the Needle"
Vermicula Antedean worm like food TNG "Manhunt"
Viinerine Romulan dish TNG "Face Of The Enemy"
Vilm Sauce Condiment used on Nozala Sandwiches DS9 "Honor Amongst Thieves"
Vulcan Mocha Similar to coffee VOY "Non Sequitur"
Vulcan Mollusks Vulcan delicacy, best served sautéed in Rhombolian butter DS9 "Melora"
Vulcan Port A green alcoholic drink, which can be very expensive DS9 "The Maquis, Part I"
Vulcan Spiced Tea Hot beverage VOY "Alliances
Vulcan Tea Beverage made from aromatic plant leaves on the planet Vulcan VOY "Revulsion"
Warm Milk with a dash of Nutmeg Traditional cure for insomnia TNG "All Good Things"
Warnog Klingon ale TNG "Rightful Heir"
Water Extremely common drink, necessary to maintain most Carbon-based life Star Trek
Watercress Sandwiches Typically served as part of a high-tea TNG "Journey's End"
Waterplum Sweet fruit indigenous to the Mari homeworld in the Delta Quadrant VOY "Random Thoughts"
Welsh Rabbit Traditional earth cheese dish VOY "Death Wish"
Wentlian Condor Snake Serpentine lifeform, a favorite of the regent of Palamar DS9 "Business As Usual"
Wheat The grain of a cereal grass, widely cultivated by Humans DS9 "The Reckoning"
Whelan Bitters Alcoholic beverage containing bitter herbs DS9 "In The Pale Moonlight"
Whiskey Alcoholic beverage made by distilling fermented grains DS9 "The Assignment"
White Rose Redi-T Brand name of a tea available on Earth in the mid 20th century DS9 "Far Beyond the Stars"
Yamok Sauce Cardassian condiment DS9 "Progress"
Yelg Melon A large edible fruit indigenous to Gaia DS9 "Children Of Time"
Yigrish Cream Pie Dessert available at the replimat on DS9 DS9 "Distant Voices"
Yridian Brandy Alcoholic beverage, a favorite of Worf DS9 "The Sword of Kahless"
Yridian Tea One of Deanna Troi's favorite drinks TNG "Eye of the Beholder"
Zabee Nuts Snack food served by Neelix on board Voyager VOY "Investigations"
Zabo Meat Cardassian food DS9 "Cardassians"
zilm'kach Segmented orange food stuff enjoyed by Klingons DS9 "Melora"

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