Picard, Captain Jean-Luc Stewart, Patrick
Riker, Commander William Thomas Frakes, Jonathan
Crusher, Commander Beverley nee. Howard McFadden, Gates
Troi, Commander Deanna Sirtis, Marina
Data, Lieutenant Commander Spiner, Brent
Rozhenko, Lieutenant Commander Worf Dorn, Michael
LaForge, Lieutenant Geordi Burton, LeVar
Yar, Lieutenant Tasha Crosby, Denise
Crusher, Ensign Wesley Wheaton, Wil
O'Brien, Chief Petty Officer Miles Edward Meaney, Colm

Barclay, Lieutenant Reginald Barclay Schultz, Dwight
Guinan Goldberg, Whoopi
Pulaski, Commander Katherine Muldar, Diana
Q de Lancie, John
Troi, Lwaxana Barrett, Majel

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