Sisko, Captain Benjamine Lafayette Brooks, Avery
Kira, Colonel Nerys Visitor, Nana
Rozhenko, Lieutenant Commander Worf Dorn, Michael
Bashir, Lieutenant Commander Julian Siddig, Alexander
Dax, Lieutenant Commander Jadzia
Dax, Lieutenant Ezri
Farrell, Terry
de Boer, Nicole
O'Brien, Chief Petty Officer Miles Edward Meaney, Colm
Odo, Constable Auberjonois, Rene
Quark Shimerman, Armin

Dukat, Gul Alaimo, Marc
Garak, Elim Robinson, Andrew
Morn! Shepherd, Mark
Nog, Ensign Eisenberg, Aron
Rom Grodénchik, Max
Sisko, Jake Lofton, Cirroc
Weyoun Jeffrey Combs

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