The Federation fleet departs Starbase 375 on its way to Deep Space Nine.

The Dominion fleet closes. The Dominion forces outnumbered
their Federation counterparts by some two to one.

Here we can see a trio of fighters closing to attack. The fighters suffered
heavily during this battle but inflicted considerable damage on the Cardassian ships.

A pair of Galaxy class ships let loose on a Cardassian Galor. The five
Galaxies performed exceptionally well during this battle, accounting
for over thirty enemy ships destroyed without a single loss in return.

This image shows the Miranda class USS Majestic taking fatal blow as a Dominion
cruiser closes on the USS Seetak. The ship between the two Mirandas is the USS Defiant.

The Seetak rapidly suffered the same fate as the Majestic.

A pair of Klingon Vor'Cha attack cruisers swoop down on a Galor.
The arrival of the Klingon fleet marked the major turning point of the battle.
Note the Akira class ship in the bottom right and the Steamrunner at the centre left.

A Dominion ship is torn apart as a Galor flees the scene.


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