The Borg arrive at Earth. By this time, the Federation fleet had been in a
running battle for several days and had lost over three hundred ships.

The Enterprise-E arrives at the battle scene. The shields of the
Sovereign class were specially designed to take this kind of punishment
from the Borg. The ship in the bottom part of the image is a Sabre class.

The Enterprise-E fires her Type 12 phasers in anger for the first time. The
devastating power of these weapons proved more than equal to expactations.

Here a Steamrunner class vessel fires her main phaser while an Akira prepares
to fire photon torpedoes. Both classes featured prominently in the battle.

The Starfleet ships finally discovered a vulnerable
point on the Borg ship - and exploited it fully!

This image of the Borg cube disintergrating also shows the spherical
escape pod launched in a last-ditch attempt to assimilate Earth.

The Akira-class USS Thunderchild escapes the Borg
cubes destruction. Several ships where lost in this blast.

The Enterprise-E is seen here following the Borg sphere through a temporal rift.

Quantum torpedoes race in as the Borg sphere fires on 2063 Earth.

The sphere proved to be poorly equipped to handle the firepower of
a Starfleet battlecruiser. Several Borg transported to the Enterprise
and attempted to assimilate the ship in order to carry out their plans.


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