The Dominion fleet approaches Deep Space Nine.

The first shots of the Dominion War are fired.

One of DS9's many torpedo tubes opens fire. Several
Dominion vessels can be seen in the background.

A Dominion battlecruiser takes a direct hit to its port
nacelle. The ship apparently suffered only minor damage.

Although initially fearsome opponents, these Dominion "Bug" fighters are far
more manageable after recent advances in shield and weapon technology.

Phaser fire pours onto the station as the
Dominion attempts to overload its shields.

A Galor takes a direct hit to its nacelle blade.

The death of a Dominion attack ship.

One of DS9's origianl torpedo tubes fires a photon.

"I promise I will not rest until I stand with you
again... here, in this place where I belong."

The retreat from DS9.

The fleet which attempted to recapture the station. Unfortunately,
these ships were defeated and largely destroyed.

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