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Externally, Betazoids are one of the most Humanoid species yet encountered; externally they are indistinguishable from Humans even at close range. All Betazoids are natural telepaths; most develop this ability in adolescence, but a few are born with their telepathic abilities already active. Unable to screen out the noise of other peoples minds, these individuals generally suffer mental problems of varying severity.

Betazoids can cross-breed with Humans, although this often affects the telepathic abilities of the offspring - most commonly the children of such a union develop empathic rather than telepathic abilities. All full Betazoids are unable to read the thoughts of Ferengi, Breen, Ullians or Dopterians, but some half Betazoids have been occasionally successful in sensing the emotions of some of these species.

Betazoid society is generally unremarkable, though they tend toward more formal and elaborate traditions and ceremonies than most cultures. Although there are no official gender-based restrictions in place within Betazoid society, there is a marked tendancy towards promoting women toward positions of authority.

A Federation member, Betazed has enjoyed a relatively untroubled history for the last few centuries. This peaceful existence came to a halt in 2374, when the Dominion invaded and occupied the planet. Little is known of how the planet is faring under the rule of the Founders.

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