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This is the original TOS shuttlecraft as carried by the USS Enterprise during that series. I don't know that this was actually called the Type 1; this shuttle pre-dates the Type 3 seen in "Star Trek V" by about 20 years, and it seems unlikely that Starfleet only produced one new type of shuttlecraft in this interim. My guess would be that either a completely different numbering system was in use during TOS, or that the TOS shuttle was something like the Type 89, and the numbers rolled over and started again at a new Type 1 before going on again to the Type 3. Nevertheless, for the sake of simplicity I have kept to the Type system used from TNG onwards.

The length of the Type 1 was stated to be 24 feet by Kirk in "The Galileo Seven". The other dimensions and some other attributes are gleaned from the scale diagram in the Franz Josephs Star Trek : Technical manual. That these shuttles were warp capable is established in the episode "The Menagerie", when Kirk and Commodore Mendez chase the Enterprise for some hours while it was on route to Talos IV.

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