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This image from DS9's visual logs shows the Klingon fleet approaching.

One of the stations Rotary Weapon Systems fires a Type 12 phaser.

More Type 12 phaser fire lances out as three B'Rel class vessels
pass the station. These ships suffered heavily in the attack.

A K'T'Inga class warship takes catastrophic damage from
multiple photon torpedo strikes. This ships lost antimatter
containment and exploded just moments after this image was taken.

The more modern Klingon ships fared rather better; although this Vor'Cha class
attack cruiser has taken several hits, it is relatively intact and survived the battle.

This particular attack marked the combat debut of the Negh'Var, here seen opening
up with its heavy disruptor cannon. The ship performed exceptionally, breaching
the stations shields and allowing large numbers of troops to transport on board.

The stations shield panels overload under the Negh'Vars bombardment.

A boarding party materialises in DS9's operations centre... be greeted by Lieutenant Commander Worf.

The Klingons prefer to use traditional weapons in close combat. Here Lieutenant Jadzia Dax
battles with a captured Bat'Leth only a few metres from the body of another of the invaders.

The arrival of a Starfleet taskforce led by the USS Venture
forced the Klingon forces to disengage and retreat from DS9.


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